Do’s and Don’ts of Summer Fashion

Summer is generally known as a time to break out the vivid, colorful colors and prints. A flashing look from head to toe or a bright print can be overbearing and a plea for greater recognition. Trust me, and you're going to sit back and laugh. Check out these latest fashion dresses for women and fabulous chic heels. Here are a few of the do's and don't's that you need to keep in mind when going shopping or having a complete wardrobe makeover: Neutrals Glowing, summer neutrals are the … [Read more...]

Top Trends to Take Part in This Spring

Every year as the seasons change, it becomes time to update your wardrobe appropriately for the time of year. You want to make sure that you are dressing in a manner that is comfortable for the change in weather and that also takes advantage of all the trends, styles, and colours of the approaching season. Many people find that the change from winter to spring can be the most drastic when it comes to their wardrobe. This is because heavy coats, sweaters, and scarves tend to be traded in for … [Read more...]

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Beard Oil

If you have ever spent time online and fallen down the rabbit hole of the grooming world of men, you will notice that beard oil gets a lot of attention.   This naturally raises the following questions: Do these small, high-priced containers of oil actually benefit anything? Is it really necessary for me to wade through mountains of blog posts and articles for various scents and formulas? A handful of concise responses: Beard oil does have an effect as it has plenty of benefits. No, you are … [Read more...]

Best Treatment Methods for Facial Paralysis

About 40,000 Americans are affected by Bell's Palsy each year. While the exact cause of the condition is unknown, usually, patients have inflammation and swelling in the cranial nerve VII. Researchers believe that reduced immunity, along with triggers such as stress, lack of sleep, and physical trauma, can result in facial nerve swelling and cause a restricted supply of blood and oxygen to the facial nerve cells. Other causes of facial paralysis are brain tumors, myasthenia gravis, stroke, … [Read more...]

Types of Boob Tape Australia: Tips to Remember When Making a Purchase

Boob tape is a great way to keep your breasts supported and in place. It can create cleavage or keep your breasts from moving around too much. When choosing Booby Tape, pick a comfortable tape that won't irritate your skin. There are a few different types of boob tape Australia, so be sure to choose the best one for you. Some tapes are made from cloth, while others are made from silicone. 1) Cloth tapes: Cloth tapes are usually made from cotton or another breathable fabric. They're … [Read more...]

Top 5 Safety Tips For Contact Lens Wearers

Image Credit – Image Source Contact lenses are becoming quite common these days. Rising trends in fashion have caused many people to shift towards contact lenses and leave optical lenses. Optical lenses cause extra weight on the face, and contact lenses seem the perfect solution to this problem. However, everything comes with its pros and cons. Where there are advantages of a contact lens, there are few preventive measures as well, owing to its sensitive nature. This article covers contact … [Read more...]

Facts That Nobody Told You About Studded Leather Jacket Women

Studded leather jacket women have a rich history. It all starts back in the 1970s, the punk fashion period. A time when punk was considered a mainstream culture. Which was frequently endorsed through the unique and rebellious fashion trends- studded leather jacket women were considered their contemporary vesture because of their intimidating and loud appearance, one that screams 'attention" like no other and has this unapologetically badass air. A leather jacket must be the most protean piece of … [Read more...]

6 Super Helpful Hair Care Tips for Teenage Girls

Teenage girls and their never-ending hair problems. As a teenager, how do you deal with these problems? In case you’re new to such hair-related troubles, here are a few tips that can help you take better care of your hair. #1 Dealing with Dry Hair Inactive oil glands lead to the dryness you see in your hair. It’s the same thing that makes your skin dry as well. Washing your hair thoroughly once every two or three days is a good measure against dry hair. Your choice of shampoo is also … [Read more...]