4 Must-Try Italian Delicacies? In Dubai

Are you a food enthusiast or blogger looking to try delicacies from all over the world? Do you love Italian dishes like creamy portions of pasta? If yes, you should not miss out on these food dishes in Dubai, a city in the United Arab Emirates. People living in Dubai have a luxurious lifestyle. Everyone knows the tallest and most humongous Burj Khalifa. It is 830 m tall and outshines every other skyscraper in the city. The monument has a splendid light show that you can’t avoid at any cost. … [Read more...]

Healthy Food Can be Delicious: Recipes That Prove it

Most of us are used to eating without thinking. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are rituals that accompany us since childhood, and very often we repeat the eating habits that were adopted in the parental family and eat automatically. In addition, the pace of life that has accelerated in recent decades leaves less and less time to pay attention to nutrition: we often eat on the go, run into fast food, have a snack at work, swallow breakfast while reading the news, and dinner while watching TV. And … [Read more...]

Diabetic-Friendly Recipes

Having diabetes means you always need to be careful about the food you consume. And often, it feels like you're eating the same thing every day. This post will share some diabetic-friendly recipes to help you with your routine, including the famous diabetic-friendly carrot cake recipe. Why These Recipes Are Good for Diabetics What makes a recipe diabetic-friendly? There are a few reasons why these recipes are suitable for people with diabetes. Low in sugar.High in fibre, they will … [Read more...]

6 Healthy Recipes To Add To Your Clean Eating Plan

Clean eating plans are currently all the rage, and this makes sense when considering the new widespread realization of just how processed and unhealthy most foods actually are. There are tons of benefits of clean eating, such as more energy, enhanced cardiovascular health, reduced risk of cancer, and even improved mental health. So, if you're thinking of getting on board with the idea of only putting natural, organic, and unprocessed foods into your body for a healthier lifestyle, we've … [Read more...]

Hong Kong Seafood

Hong Kong is one of the best places in the world to enjoy seafood. The city has a long history of fishing and seafood consumption, so there is an abundance of fresh seafood to be enjoyed. Hong Kong has many seafood dishes, from Cantonese-style steamed fish to more adventurous offerings like shark fin soup. No matter your taste, you're sure to find something to your liking in Hong Kong's seafood scene. If you're in the mood for some delicious seafood but don't feel like cooking, don't … [Read more...]

A Simple Guide to Store and Prepare Wild Rice 

Do you find rice to be too bland? Well enters the wild rice, the sole cereal grain native to North America, is aesthetically magnificent, texturally fascinating, and aptly called grain. It's an excellent item to have in your pantry for flavor and nutritional advantages, and you can even switch out wild rice for the primary grain in some of your favorite dishes. Ready to go bonkers? Here in the article, you can find all the information you require about wild rice and how to cook wild … [Read more...]

Your Upcoming Friends’ Reunion is Incomplete Without These 6 Snack Options

Friends' reunions are all about memories. And while you can relive your greatest moments with old friends, there's nothing like having a great snack to accompany those memories. Reunion food is all about convenience and comfort. You don't want to spend most of your time in the kitchen instead of catching up with your friends. You want snacks that are easy to make and even easier to eat. In fact, the best reunion food is simple, tasty, and quick. To help you make the reunion a success, … [Read more...]

Fancy Recipes for Your Next Party?

The holidays are almost here. It’s natural to want to wow your loved ones with a dinner party that pulls out all the stops. If you want a meal worthy of the Four Seasons, you’ve come to the right place. What should you add to the menu when you want to impress your guests? Here’s your 10-step guide, with fancy recipes covering everything from soup to nuts. 1.  The Soup Course Starting your meal with a bowl of soup satisfies at this time of year for many reasons. For one, it’s a … [Read more...]