The Benefits of CBD for the Whole Family

The incredible therapeutic properties of CBD are not just for adults and can be beneficial for your entire family. CBD is entirely safe for all ages (and species) and is 100% legal in every state and most countries worldwide.  CBD is a non-psychoactive compound extracted from the cannabis plant and therefore, will not induce a feeling of being high.  Instead, this remedy has many benefits for your whole family, including your pets.  CBD for your pets Last but not … [Read more...]

Why Is CBD Oil Not Working? 3 Reasons

In recent years we hear a lot about CBD oil and positive effects it has, so a lot of people think it is some kind of discovery. However,  CBD was first extracted by a chemist Roger Adams in 1940. In the beginning, he and his team didn't realize the potency of the compound they isolated, so CBD started gaining popularity several decades later.  In case you don't know what we are talking about, CBD is a compound in a cannabis Sativa plant, as well as THC.  And as with THC, there … [Read more...]

First Aid Kit Essentials: Everything You Should Have in Your First Aid Kit and More

Children tend to come with a lot of bumps, bruises, and scrapes. Always be prepared with these first aid kit essentials! Hurry! Your kid fell down the stairs again and his knee is bleeding! Oh, that's right. You ran out of bandages and antibacterial cream a month ago. I guess you should just run the wound under some water and hope that that's good enough. I'm sure that all of us as mothers have run into some sort of problem when it comes to running out of first aid supplies, but there … [Read more...]

5 Ways Exercise Can Help You Quit Alcohol Addiction

If you are looking for a way to overcome alcoholism, one solution you can try is working out. Here are ways that you can use exercise to conquer your addiction. Recent research exploring the link between physical activity and drug relapse prevention has shown that exercise can be highly beneficial in helping people quit alcohol addiction. But how? Read on for 5 ways exercise can help you quit alcohol for good. 1. Improves Self Esteem It's no surprise that people battling … [Read more...]

Top Health Benefits of Drinking Filtered Water

Water plays a crucial role in keeping your body hydrated. It also eliminates toxic elements, and not drinking clean water exposes your body to a variety of bacteria, viruses, and chemicals. Luckily, there are many water filters available in the market, and they can remove different toxins found in most water supplies. As such, you can easily acquire a top-rated filter to supply your loved ones with clean water all the time. What is water filtration? Water filtration is a process that … [Read more...]

Must-Know Yoga Poses for Beginners

Are you someone who’s just beginning your yoga journey? If so, check out these essential poses that help you learn and feel comfortable in your classes at the studio or while practicing at home. It’s safe to say that what we’re covering today is just be the tip of the iceberg. In reality, there are over hundreds of positions in yoga. However, this compilation of beginner yoga poses is definitely enough to get you started on the right track. Must-Know Beginner Yoga Poses Without … [Read more...]

How to Take Care of Your Diabetic Spouse

Have you or your spouse recently been diagnosed with diabetes? Maybe one of you has suffered from diabetes your entire life. Whatever the case, taking care of a diabetic spouse can be challenging at times and require a lot of care and patience. Since this is your spouse we assume that you want them to have the best possible care that is available. This article will break down some key tips and tricks that will make the task of taking care of your diabetic spouse much easier and more manageable. … [Read more...]

Top Reasons to Visit a Medical Weight Loss Clinic in Bangkok

Whether you chose a medical weight loss clinic in Bangkok or abroad, the procedures are roughly the same. Medical weight loss refers to the active management of diet, fitness and lifestyle behaviours, under the supervision of a trained professional. These programs often include comprehensive diagnostics and metabolic testing to monitor physiological shifts during a course of treatment. Without doubt, medical weight-loss programs have a much higher success rate than self-managed diet regimes, … [Read more...]