Easy Desserts for Your Kid’s Birthday Party

Picture this: it’s the night before your child’s birthday party, and you just realized that you don’t have any sweets or desserts to serve to all the kids. You’ve made enough burgers and french fries to feed an army, but you’re dreading the moment when the tiny army in your house starts to ask for something sugary, and you’ve got nothing.  Fear not, because we’ve put together this list of 2 easy desserts to make for your kid’s birthday party! We’ve made sure to include ingredients that … [Read more...]

Tips And Tricks For Traveling With Kids

While the kids are busy with school and you are focusing on work or managing the family household, you probably don't spend as much quality with the kids as you should. One of the best ways to create time and space for bonding is by planning a family vacation. After all, everyone needs to take a break from the day-to-day grind of living life. In spite of your best planning efforts, taking a vacation with the kids will present certain challenges. One of those challenges is figuring out how to … [Read more...]

Top 5 Newborn Baby Furniture

When you have a new baby, it’s very important to invest in the right type of furniture. The reason is simple, most of the Newborn Baby Furniture is designed to protect your child, keep him safe, and that alone can be very important. It’s more important than ever to avoid any rush and purchase Newborn Baby Furniture that you really need. There are a variety of options on the market, some of which are better than others. Which does make you wonder, what kind of Newborn Baby Furniture should you … [Read more...]

7 Ways to Encourage Speech Development in Your Toddlers

An exciting milestone in your child’s life and development is when they begin to talk! Those first few words are just the beginning of them learning an entire vocabulary. As a parent, part of your job is to encourage speech development. Too often, parents compare their toddler’s development to others, especially with social media. Articles may say that your child should be reading so many words by a certain age. Know that all children are different and develop at different paces. However, … [Read more...]

How To Prepare Your Child For School When You Are Low On Cash

Let’s face it, sending your child to school can be very costly throughout the year. From buying uniforms to wear to class to providing your child with all of the required school supplies, these costs can easily add up. This is especially true for any parent that is low on cash. Yet, they want to provide their kids with the best possible chance to get a good education. Considering all of these things and other related factors, here are some things that you can do when you are low on … [Read more...]

2 Easy Snacks to Make With Kids

After the pandemic hit the world in 2020, we were all stuck at home, constantly trying to find new ways to keep ourselves busy and entertained. For those of us that were stuck at home with small children, we had to create inventive ways of making sure that our little ones weren’t bored! From trying to teach them new arts and crafts and developing interactive games in the living room, parents everywhere needed new ways to keep themselves sane and their kids occupied.  If you’re still stuck at … [Read more...]

Things to choose a Good Baby Play Mat

A newborn baby is one of the most important things in anyone's life. Protecting your baby from injury should be the first thing on any parent's mind. Let's discuss the purchase of a baby playground mat Many baby playmats are available today on the market, with many different attractive features. When considering buying a playmat or other baby products, it is crucial that you carefully read the labels to check out exactly what materials were used in their manufacture. Often, materials that … [Read more...]

Simple & Fun Activities That Will Increase Your Child’s Math IQ

Math is a complex subject and it can often seem like you are learning things that are not relevant in everyday life. However, the truth is math is important in every aspect of our daily lives, that’s why reputable establishments, such as this preschool Valley heights spend so much time developing children’s math skills. Naturally, many children find maths difficult and are keen not to do too much of it. The good news is that you can help them with their math and have fun at the same time. All … [Read more...]