Workers Comp When Working From Home: How Does It Unfold?

It was never easy to be a working parent. All parents have their struggles, but working parents have to balance the demands of a job with the demands of their children. However, adding COVID-19 on top of the list of already-existing demands has only made things more difficult. In theory, working from home would be somewhat easier for a lot of people. You save the time and gas money associated with commuting and can do everything that you need to do in a more relaxed manner, with less supervision … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Commute Time

Statistics show that the average commute is roughly 25 minutes. However, that time adds up to more than four hours weekly and nearly 2000 hours in a year. If you think about it this way, you will discover how much time you spend and maximize it during your daily commute. Why drive yourself crazy jamming to the same old tunes when you can make the most of your morning and evening hours of commuting in other ways? Whether you are clinging to a subway strap, settled in the seat, or behind the … [Read more...]

How Can Knowing the 5 Love Languages Revitalize Your Marriage?

After some time, almost every relationship or marriage loses a bit of momentum. Often, this happens because you're stuck in routines and forget that feeling of intense love and excitement that engulfed you at the beginning of your relationship. While many couples can reignite their spark, others can't and become part of the 40% to 50% of marriages that end in divorce in the United States. An effective way to avoid becoming part of this statistic is to focus on showing your partner that you care … [Read more...]

What constitutes a rare book? Is it just the age of the book?

Becoming a rare book collector is an exciting thing to do. It will provide you with the opportunity to go ahead with a magical journey back in time. While going ahead with such a magical journey, you should also have a clear understanding on what can transform a book into a rare book. Then you will be able to spend your money accordingly on the rare books and make sure that you create your own collection in the best possible way. Is age the only factor that makes a book rare? No, age is … [Read more...]

7 Top Tips For The New Freelancing Mom

Juggling motherhood and a career can be tough. Working moms want to keep their careers going, but they also want to spend time with their children. Additionally, some stay-at-home mothers are looking to start a career, but aren't sure how to balance family and work. So, where's the middle ground here? More women are looking to become freelancers who work from home. Some women are even quitting their 9-to-5 job to take on this new gig. This isn't a shocking trend, as 2.7 million workers … [Read more...]

3 Reasons I Love Summer #PrepForSummer

Is it just me, or is summer just a magical time? Longer days, beautiful sunsets and more - there are plenty of reasons to love summer. Today I'm sharing three of my top reasons that I love this season so much. Softball. I played softball when I was younger and absolutely loved it. Now that my Rileybug is playing softball herself, I am loving it for a different reasons. There's nothing like watching her have a great hit or field a ball and get someone out. It makes me so proud. And she loves … [Read more...]

Focusing On Myself

Something I always tell my husband is that he needs to take care of himself before he can take care of Riley and myself. I had to remind him of that about a month ago when he was really sick and was refusing to go to the doctor. Miles is a wonderful man who loves being with his family, but he hadn't felt the best in about a week and wasn't getting any better. After he finally went to the doctor and got medicine, he started feeling better and was back to his old self. Reflecting on that the past … [Read more...]

Why Having a Calgary Professional to Perform Hot Tub Maintenance is Beneficial

The most demanding but rewarding job that a person will take on in their life is as a homeowner. There are so many things that a person can do when trying to increase the look and functionality of their home. Taking the time to find out what type of additions will best suit your home will pay off in the end. For the homeowner looking for something a bit more fun and functional, a hot tub is a great addition. Once the hot tub is installed, the homeowner will need to take the time to figure out … [Read more...]