How to Help Your Shy Child Make Friends

Shy children may have issues making friends. Often, they have difficulty putting themselves into situations where friendships naturally develop. They may be more introverted, or they may not enjoy the same activities as their peers. There are numerous ways that you may be able to help your shy child make friends. Consider the following tips. Consider Why Your Child Struggles to Make Friends There are around 40 million Americans diagnosed with communication disorders, and each one of them … [Read more...]

Teaching Kids About Entrepreneurship

Every parent wants their children to grow up and hold their own in the big bad world out there. But the world is changing, and kids nowadays need to have a different mentality when it comes to achieving success and financial independence. Graduating with honors and joining the job hunt isn't the ultimate dream anymore. That path holds little hope and plenty of frustration as competition for jobs increases while salaries decrease and the economy faces crises after crises. What's the way to go … [Read more...]

7 Ways Kids Benefit From Engaging in Arts and Crafts

Kids love to create. Painting, drawing, sculpting -- anything that involves using their hands to create something, kids typically enjoy doing it. Not only is it enjoyable for kids, but they actually benefit from partaking in art projects both inside and outside of school. What are these benefits? Allows for Creative Expression First, making art allows for creative expression. Children are curious and need an outlet where they can be free to explore and express themselves. Art class at … [Read more...]

How to Keep Your Family Safe in Difficult Situations

Murderer locked in handcuffs isolated on black As parents, it's our job to ensure that our children know how to stay safe and keep themselves out of trouble. However, trouble will likely find them. So as parents, we must know how to help our teenagers maneuver through those processes in order to keep them from further punishment. For example, knowing what to do if your teen gets arrested is important, especially if posting bail is an option. Here's some advice on how to handle difficult … [Read more...]

Trade Jobs Your Teen Should Consider After High School

Many teens choose to enroll in a trade school program while in high school, and some apply to vocational schools shortly after high school graduation. Either way, there are several trade careers that prove to earn good salaries, have great benefits, and allow your teen to work in a field of their choosing. Here are five trade jobs your teen may consider based on their skill set, personality, and interests. Web Developer Most people don't think of a web developer position when they think of … [Read more...]

Helping Your Teen Find a Part-Time Job

Finding a part-time job is a great way for high schoolers to gain job experience, learn teamwork and responsibility, and gain confidence in sharpened skills they can utilize in the future. Wondering how to help your teenager make this big step and find a part-time job? Here are a few steps and tips you can follow throughout the process. Crafting a Resume First, your teen is going to need to put together a resume. Since your teen likely has little job experience, their resume is going to be … [Read more...]

6 Ways to Teach Your Kids to Be Inclusive

Global Diversity Practice defines diversity as "empowering people by respecting and appreciating what makes them different" and "[allowing] for the exploration of these differences in a safe, positive, and nurturing environment." Furthermore, the website provides a simple definition of inclusion: "Inclusion is a sense of belonging. Inclusive cultures make people feel respected and valued for who they are as an individual or group." Diversity and inclusion are terms that are becoming more and … [Read more...]

3 Important Steps to Take When Moving With Your Child

Moving is overwhelming, especially if you're moving to a new city rather than simply a new neighborhood. You'll not only need to get settled into your new house and meet new people but also potentially adjust to a new job and definitely a new social scene. But all of this gets even more complex when you're moving with kids. As a general rule, most kids don't necessarily like to move. Moving to a new city can be scary to them, putting them in a new school district and forcing them to make new … [Read more...]