The 7 Best Supplements For Fertility

Trying to conceive isn't something that only applies to first-time parents. Maybe you and your partner have decided after a while that you want a second or even fourth child, but things aren't happening as quickly as they did for you in your early years of baby-making. Thankfully, there are supplements readily available that can make your chances of not only conceiving but maintaining pregnancy easier. While it is true that if you've been trying to conceive for six months to a year without … [Read more...]

6 Simple Ways To Save When Expecting A Baby

Saving for the baby is one of the most important aspects of becoming a parent. Adding another member to the family comes with a lot of financial responsibilities. While you are pregnant, you must focus on your own medical expenses and insurance claims. You also need to make sure you have enough money to cover the first few months of your baby's life, since you can’t escape from baby gear like getting the best stroller and car seat. Your pregnancy period before your child’s arrival is a great … [Read more...]

5 Things You Should Know Before Becoming a Parent

At some point in life, you might start thinking about having a baby, especially if you hear a lot from your concerned mother about your biological clock ticking, or the shame there is no little toddler to brighten her days. Of course, she means well; however, in her worries, she forgets to mention the hardships ahead of you. To be clear, we’re not trying to throw shade on parenting. In fact, it can be incredibly rewarding, for some even the most rewarding experience in their life. Still, it … [Read more...]

4 Tips For Playful Parenting

What makes a person a good parent?  Someone who shows love, provides support, sets limits, is a good role model, teaches responsibility, shows respect, knows when to let go, finds time for fun, knows how to say no, and shows endless unconditional love. However, good parenting isn’t one-size-fits-all. There are different circumstances wherein it may not apply to everyone because each household is unique. Adults were raised in different environments, thus, they have the tendency to either … [Read more...]

How to Document Your Pregnancy Journey: A New Mother’s Guide

Forty weeks of pregnancy always sounds like a long time and certainly can feel like it at times, but most women will tell you that it was over in a blink of an eye. Documenting this special time is incredibly important, as it means you can reflect on that period with pride in your body and excitement for the next chapter. Many pregnant women will choose maternity photography to immortalise this time, but there are so many creative ways to document your pregnancy. Here are some ideas to get you … [Read more...]

How to Help Your Child Recover from an Injury

Nothing will be more important to you than your child’s health and happiness. For this reason, you will want to do everything in your power to help them recover physically and emotionally from an injury, such as a wrist injury, neck complaint, or knee pain. After an injury, your son or daughter might not only struggle with pain and poor mobility, but they might feel upset, anxious, or worried. Yet, there are ways to speed up the healing process, improve their comfort, and help them mentally … [Read more...]

Talking to Your Daughter About Women’s Health

As your child gets older, talking to them about important things can be uncomfortable. Conversations about puberty and pregnancy can seem daunting. Part of what makes these conversations so hard is that we often leave them to the last minute. Consequently, children have less time to understand all that’s happening before they’re making decisions and experiencing changes themselves.  By starting to educate your daughters about their sexual health and development long before they go … [Read more...]

Why Some Kids Talk Back And Ways You Can Handle Them

As parents, we always worry about our youngsters, their wants, and their needs. We take it upon ourselves to coach and discipline them but sometimes it doesn’t work. Sometimes it so happens that children talk back and that we feel disrespected. Try and understand why your child is talking back.  Talking back is a common thing that children do as they grow old, I’m sure you have talked back or wanted to talk back to your parents when you were growing up. It is a common behavior and can be … [Read more...]