‘Becoming Mona Lisa’ by Holden Robinson Review & Giveaway (Ends 11/8)

When I first got contacted about reviewing Becoming Mona Lisa by Holden Robinson, I wasn't sure if I would like the book. Especially with the cover, it just didn't look very interesting to me. But I decided to give it a chance. And I'm very glad that I did! "We are not invisible because the world does not see us. We become invisible when we can no longer see ourselves." In Becoming Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa Siggs (yes, her name is really Mona Lisa) has decided that instead of killing her … [Read more...]

Bradbury Inn by K.J. Dahlen Cosmic Blast Giveaway (Ends 11/5)

I'm a huge fan of K.J. Dahlen (you can read his review on Cards of Sin that I wrote here). So I'm excited to announce her new book, Bradbury Inn and bring you this great giveaway! Bradbury Inn   The town is filled with rumors claiming that Bradbury Inn is haunted by the spirits of Claire and Matilda Bradbury along with a man named George Walker after a fire destroyed it eighty years ago. Jillian Levy came to Bradbury Inn to discover the truth. Shortly after she … [Read more...]

‘Healing in the Hurting Places’ by Karen F Riley Review & Giveaway

Healing in the Hurting Places by Karen F. Riley is a very powerful book that brought tears to my eyes on several occasions. Karen talks about how, as a victim of sexual abuse as a child, she buried all of the secrets, only to have them come back to the surface as an adult. She talks about the pain and the anger she had. I love how she comes to terms with what happened and reconnected with God. Any person who has ever been a victim of any kind of abuse should definitely read this when they are … [Read more...]

‘Cards of Sin’ by K.J. Dahlen Book Tour

I have just one word for this fantastic written book: WOW. This was a great mystery book. I read it in less than three days because it had my attention from the first chapter - which is hard to do for me! Cards of Sin by K.J. Dahlen is about a report, Cheyenne Gentry, who gets pulled into a murderer's ways when he sends her an instant message right after murdering a man. The killer wants her to write his story and if she doesn't? He'll take out the people who mean the most to her. If … [Read more...]

‘The Spy Lover’ by Kiana Davenport Book Tour

Kiana Davenport's newest novel is a powerful epic about the American Civil War. Based on her family history, it is at once a historical novel, a haunting love story, and a brilliant expose on the treatment of minorities during the Civil War. This is a novel that crosses all genres and is a work of astonishing beauty that promises to become a classic. The Spy Lover is a novel about the abiding love between a man and woman, between father and daughter, and the love of a mon for his country. … [Read more...]

Softly & Tenderly by Sara Evans w/ Rachel Hauck

Softly & Tenderly by Sara Evans with Rachel Hauck is a very touching story about a woman named Jade. She thinks she has it all - a wonderful husband and two great businesses. The only thing that's missing is a child of their own. Then she finds out her husband's first love dies and a secret is revealed - her husband cheated on her the night he went to Las Vegas for his bachelor party and she ended up pregnant. Wither her mother's health failing more and more each day, they go back to … [Read more...]

Ciao by Bethany Lopez Book Tour – Review

I got the opportunity to read Ciao by Bethany Lopez. I am very glad that I got to, because it was a great story. This book was the third story in a series called Stories About Melissa. The first two stories are called Ta Ta For Now! and xoxoxo.) Ciao is about Melissa's sophomore year in high school. Two friends that Melissa made during the summber, Cassie and Giovanni, join Melissa's group. Melissa is dealing with having feelings for two different boys. I don't want to give away other … [Read more...]

“The RX Factor” by J. Thomas Shaw

When I first received The RX Factor by J. Thomas Shaw, I wasn't completely sure if I would enjoy it. Boy, was I wrong! Shaw's writing had me hooked by chapter two! The writing in this book is wonderful - very detailed and vivid! And the story could almost be a true one! It's that believable! The RX Factor takes you on a wild ride from the Bahamas, Chicago, North Carolina, Puerto Vallarta, and you end up in Washington DC. You learn about Ryan Matthews, who, 5 years earlier, lost his wife … [Read more...]