How Can Parents Challenge Schools to Have Inclusive Field Trips?

What are the productive ways parents challenge schools to advocate for accessibility and inclusivity on field trips? Learn the most helpful methods. Six million students with disabilities are enrolled in public schools, with even higher numbers being included in the general education classroom. While school counselors work closely with students with disabilities, there‚Äôs a need to work closely with the parents of those students. Parents' input clears concern that caregivers and teachers … [Read more...]

The Best Team To Get a Perfect Itinerary For Your School Trip

Going on a trip outside of the classroom is a unique experience and any sort of trip needs to be well planned and organized in a way that not only stimulated learning for the schoolies but also is a friendly environment that promotes safety. Finding appropriate places for the school children to se will make or break any trip outside of school. Just because something may be appropriate for one person, doesn't mean it will be equally gratifying and proper for another. A team putting together the … [Read more...]