The 15 Best Podcasts Parents Should Know About

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Modern parenting is all about multitasking. Most moms and dads can only dream of sitting down to read a book or magazine on parenting, so we’ve got to rely on the next best thing: podcasts! Perfect for driving to work, cleaning the house and working out, podcasts provide the ability to do what you need to do while also soaking up some much-needed info and entertainment. Parents, pediatricians and kids themselves have put together some incredible pods covering everything from baby basics to parenting teens. Here we’ll cover all of this plus some of the best podcasts for kids to add to your sub list.

Stories for “Me” Time: Podcasts for Parents

  1. Babes & Babies—If you’re the kind of parent who can’t stand all the “parenting is butterflies and rainbows” type shows, then you’ll love Babes & Babies. It’s hosted by a trio of former contestants from The Bachelor who strive to create a space without judgment for all things mom and baby. Whether you’re a mom who’s never changed a diaper or are on pregnancy number five, you’ll find this podcast entertaining and enriching.
  2. Good to be Home—If positivity in parenting is your thing, then give a sub to Good to be Home. Hosted by Arizona-based parents Russ and Mika Perry, the show covers topics like marriage, parenting, entrepreneurship and sobriety. It’s a must-listen for sober parents.
  3. Reading with Your KidsReading with Your Kids has hit the No. 1 spot on the iTunes Kids and Family Podcast list, and for good reason! The show is all about encouraging parents and caregivers to spend time reading together. It’s hosted by award-winning children’s author Jed Doherty, who guides parents to special books and materials that will help kids learn to love to read.
  4. Parenting Great Kids—Pediatrician, mom and best-selling author Dr. Meg Meeker hosts this bi-monthly pod to help parents navigate the sometimes-complex world of parenting, children’s health and teenagers. Covering everything from hot-button issues like screen time (how much is too much?) and discipline, to teaching kids gratitude and independence, Dr. Meeker provides plenty of support and advice in all aspects of parenting.
  5. The Shameless Mom Academy—Like Babes & Babies, Shameless Mom is big on the real-talk side of parenting. Host Sara Dean is a mom, fitness pro, speaker and author who follows the mantra “perfect sucks,” so she’s happy to act as the voice of reason for parents obsessed with painting a picture-perfect lifestyle.
  6. Dr. Laura Weekly—America’s No. 1 relationship talk show host, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, doesn’t just cover marriage and relationships. She’s also a steadfast resource for parenting. The controversial radio host forays into topics ranging from homework to bonding to teenage rebellion, so it’s a good listen for parents of kids at any age.
  7. Mother Like a Boss—Created and hosted by mom and entrepreneur Kendra Hennessy, Mother Like a Boss helps you take control of your life as a parent with organization and time management skills. But Hennessy is quick to dispel the myth of the perfect parent. Instead, she gives honest, useful and realistic tips, strategies and tools on managing motherhood.
  8. TED Talks Kids and Family—If you’re a parent who loves TED Talks, then you’ll definitely want to add this fascinating show to your subscription list! It features some of the world’s top thinkers and innovators discussing anything and everything having to do with kids and family, from new advancements in kids’ health to studies broadening our perception of child behavior and ethics.
  9. One Bad Mother—This ultra-popular mom-cast fuses comedy with discussions on parenting and motherhood. Hosts Biz Ellis and Theresa Thorn cover a wide range of parent-centric topics and help new and veteran parents deal with the judgment, joy and complexities of rearing children.
  10. The Longest Shortest Time—This award-winning podcast was created by mom and YA novelist Hillary Frank and producer and podcaster Andrea Silenzi to showcase some of the absurdities and nuances of parenthood and childhood. Episodes cover tough topics like life as a single mom, trans-parenting and imaginary friends.

Keeping Them Entertained: Podcasts for Kids

  1. Wow in the WorldWow in the World is NPR’s very first podcast made just for kids. Hosted by Guy Raz (of TED Radio Hour and How I Built This) and Mindy Thomas (of AbsolutelyMindy), this engaging show strives to help kids get engaged with science and hard topics in a fun, lighthearted way.
  2. Brains On!—Billing itself as a podcast for both kids and curious adults, American Public Media’s Brains On! answers fascinating questions about the world, especially topics on science and history. Some of the show’s top-rated episodes include those on cats, lasers and passing gas!
  3. Story Pirates—The community origination Story Pirates collects stories written by kids and adapts them for the stage, book and screen. In the Gimlet-produced podcast, actors, writers and comedians adapt stories written by kids into engaging sketch comedy shows and theatrical performances. It’s an entertaining way to engage kids who love funny, whacky stories!
  4. Dream Big—This chart-topping kids’ show has one core goal: to encourage kids to follow their dreams. It’s hosted by 8-year-old Eva Karpman and her mom Olga and features interviews with successful role models like Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield and best-selling author Mel Robbins.
  5. Short & Curly—ABC Radio’s Short & Curly is a “fast-paced, fun-filled ethics podcast” that teaches kids about all sorts of curiosities, like animals, the future and technology, with an ethical angle. The show is presented by ethicist Dr. Matt Beard, Australian actress Molly Daniels and reporter Carl Smith.

A World of Shows to Discover

Busy parents will find these top-notch podcasts perfect for all sorts of scenarios, whether you just need a realistic break from Pinterest parenting or are looking for an educational and entertaining way to keep kids amused on a road trip. These days, it seems like buzz-worthy, new podcasts pop up every day, so we know that this list is by no means comprehensive. Let us know if there’s a show we should listen to but didn’t include in this list!

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