Working Mom Guide: Practical Ways to Keep the House Clean

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There are so many responsibilities for working moms to juggle and there are just not enough hours in the day. Between looking after the kids, working full time, trying to stay fit and healthy, and looking after our homes, working moms often feel like they are being pulled in a hundred different directions. This article will lay out some practical ways to help busy moms save time and keep the house clean.

1. Hire a Cleaning Service

Cleaning services can be extremely beneficial to your home’s health. Cleaning services will know the best ways to treat certain materials to make them look good as new. The experts at Modern Maids Dallas House Cleaning Service told us that professional cleaners have an eye for detail. They can see and clean areas of the home that may have been overlooked. Most cleaning services are now looking for greener ways to keep homes tidy, so many will use environmentally friendly cleaning products and methods. While some homeowners prefer and even enjoy doing house cleaning tasks themselves, there are occasions where hiring a cleaning service can be helpful. Think about hiring a cleaning service before hosting a party, cleaning up after a whole remodel, or once a month as a special treat.

2. Get a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Especially if you have children or pets, you may need to vacuum your house every day and this can take a lot of time. Robot vacuum cleaners are great because you can just set them up and leave them to vacuum your home while you are at work or doing something else. Robot vacuums have advanced sensors that prevent them from falling down the stairs or sucking up the wrong things. Robot vacuums are very convenient because they don’t require a bag. Once they have finished vacuuming, you can just open them up and throw out the contents.

3. Ban Shoes Inside the House

In many countries in the world, taking your shoes off in the house is part of the culture, but in the US, not everybody does this. Shoes can accumulate so much dirt from the outside that taking them off before going inside is a great way to keep your house clean. When you wear shoes in your house, you could be treading dog feces and other nasty things into your carpets. One study found that ninety percent of the bacteria on the bottom of your shoes transfer to your floors in the first minute of contact. Whilst it may seem strange to friends or family members who are visiting your home, people will soon get used to it and may even start copying you.

4. Put Storage Baskets Everywhere

Baskets help you get things out of the way quickly, especially as you start to build up toys and stuff for your kids. If you have lots of baskets in every room, it is easy for you or your kids to just throw everything in at the end of the day or if people are coming over to visit and you need to clean up quickly. Nice baskets can actually be a great feature in a room, whilst providing a quick and easy cleanup solution.

Finding the time to keep your house clean when you are a working mom is never easy, but there are some simple steps you can take to save time spent doing housework. Follow this guide and your house will be spick and span in no time.

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