5 Home Safety Tips You Might Have Never Thought Of

Nothing is more important than keeping your family safe. This includes the pets. You are a safe mom; in fact, your husband and friends pick on you because no danger gets past you. Or does it? Yes, you have carbon monoxide alarms in every room and spare batteries on hand. Yes, you insisted a contractor fence in your pool with a 6-foot gated and locked beauty your teens can’t even break through, but there are some home dangers you might not have taken into account. Here are five of them.

1. Water Burns

Do you enjoy a long, luxurious, hot bath at the end of the day once the kids are in bed and the hubby is watching the game? That’s great, but did you know that your hot water heater could cause burns? It’s tempting to turn the thermostat up on the hot water heater to ensure you have super hot water coming into the home when you want it, but this is a danger to your little ones. The tub might not feel too hot to you, but it could be too hot for sensitive young skin. Turn the dial down to avoid unforeseen injury.

2. Choking

There are more choking hazards in your home than you realize. Little ones can choke on hard candy, peanuts, metal nuts and bolts, coins, and many other common, everyday items. The Arizona Department of Health Services says that if an item can fit through a toilet paper tube, your child can choke on it. Your dog could, too, and many canines like to pick up things and carry them around in their mouths. Avoid choking hazards by keeping all toilet-paper-tube items out of kid and canine reach.

3. Poisons

Yes, you know that you should keep household cleaners and pesticides out of your children’s reach but what about vanilla extract, your cosmetics, or even your baby’s diaper rash cream? There are many household poisons in your home that you might not realize are toxic. For example, should your child help himself or herself to extra gummy vitamins when you aren’t looking, he or she could become seriously ill. Make certain you understand all household poisons because there are more than you think.

4. Exercise Equipment

Yes, you and your little ones love to watch online videos of dogs and cats on treadmills but do not try this at home. In fact, people who place their pets on treadmills should be reported for animal cruelty. Why? Because it is incredibly dangerous for the animal, but guess what? Local insurance agents will also confirm it’s also incredibly dangerous for children. More kids than you realize are injured by in-home exercise equipment annually. This equipment is manufactured for adult use only, so keep it locked away.

5. Tap Water

Tap water is filled with toxins you never imagined. Those who would argue that drinking water in the United States is the safest in the world likely don’t live in Flint, Michigan or other areas in the country where the water could literally kill you. Even if your municipality has a record of clean water, it isn’t really clean. The chemicals they use to treat the water likely include chlorine among other things, and you’ll also find mercury, lead, fluoride, and other dangers in there. Filter your tap water.

These are just five dangers in your home that you might not have considered. You want to keep your family safe at all times, so keep a wary eye on the possible dangers they might face. Is every danger out of reach of your children? Do you have all scary things locked away? Remember, if your little can reach it, grab it, stick his or her finger in it, he or she likely will, so make certain your home is really safe.

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