6 Lifestyle Habits That Will Make You Feel Young Again

Want to stay forever young?  Here are 6 lifestyle tweaks that help you stay young inside and out.

While we tend to think that degenerative diseases are triggered by the natural aging process, according to holistic nutritionist Meghan Telpner, most of the degenerative conditions that we acquire she says have to do with lifestyle.

Get enough sleep

While asleep, the human body “does its healing and repairing”, Telpner says. Getting sufficient sleep is crucial for both superficial and deep recovery. This reparatory action engages everything, from adrenal glands to acne clearing (at least partially). While a nap every now and then or a weekend sleep-in makes a difference, what actually matters is the repeated sleep deprivation that accounts for degeneration and premature aging.


How much is enough sleep? 8 hours at least, according to Telpner, and more if you’re dealing with psychological pressure or any health challenges.  Want to combat stress and prevent colds and the flu? Sleep well!


Get a breath of fresh air

Caught in the torrent of a fast-paced life where we go underground to park our cars or take the subway train to work and prefer working out in the gym  rather than outdoors, we fail to take a good, deep breath of fresh air. Experts recommend going for walks, jogging or biking out in the open for some oxygen. Even if you prefer to stay indoors, crack a window to let the air in!


Airborne toxins are among the major causes of health problems, including aging. Indoor pollution is just as bad as outdoor. Get out of the house and try to avoid really crowded streets and head for the park. Tree-filled areas have lower levels of airborne pollutants.


Work out but don’t overdo a good thing

Physical activity is said to prevent aging and promote overall health. Despite the big marketing campaign going on around high-intensity training, some say it’s best to opt for moderate workouts and exercise more often rather than infrequently follow a drop-dead protocol, which puts stress on the body.  However, if your level of fitness is good enough and you are a fan of hardcore weightlifting or high-intensity exercise sessions, make sure you eat properly before and after training and stay hydrated.


Sip up but keep your caffeine and alcohol intake in check

Proper hydration is key to anti-aging. Wrinkles are the visible effect of cell dehydration, Telpner highlights. Drinking at least 8 big glasses of water daily and eating water high foods like fruits and vegetables helps us stay hydrated and less wrinkly.


Nutritionists also recommend limiting coffee and alcohol intake, which seem to be contributing a lot to cell aging and dehydration. A glass of red wine from time to time is good for your health, but an apple a day is even better.


Similarly, a cup of tea is absolutely fabulous. Especially if you’re looking to cut down on coffee, black tea is an excellent choice. Rich in antioxidants, lower in caffeine than coffee but having the same pick-me-up effect, a cup of black tea every morning and throughout the day will not only stimulate your digestion and regulate stool, but will also help you flush out toxins, support cell repair and thwart free radicals. Free radicals have a damaging action on the body cells, leading to oxidative stress and hence accumulation of residue. More often than not the harmful effect of free radicals leads to cell mutations and formation of carcinoma. Sipping on black tea regularly can also prevent cancer, Lumitea experts suggest. Blending 100% natural and carefully selected ingredients, Lumitea offers you the perfect tea mixes and blends for a whole body detoxification and rejuvenation.


Go green

Eating  leafy greens like spinach, lettuce, cabbage, kale and the list may continue, support digestion and help with weight management due to their fiber high, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium and phytochemical-rich content. Additionally the green color is given by chlorophyll, which is again a powerhouse ingredient, which supports iron absorption, reduces body odor and controls cravings. Mixing greens with other veggies in your salad is a perfect way to eat them raw.


Otherwise, you can always steam some spinach, just about enough to soften it a little, mix it with garlic and there you are – a delicious, healthy dinner. Alternatively, you can juice your greens and make yourself a yummy, healthy smoothie to sip on. Whatever your option may be, combine as many greens as you can in any way you like and stay healthy!


Eat more antioxidant-rich foods

Antioxidants prevent oxidative stress caused by free radicals and cell aging. That is why nutrition experts recommend increasing the amounts of antioxidant-rich foods that we eat. All fruits and veggies contain antioxidants, but berries and nuts (almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, sesame seeds etc.), spices such as turmeric, cinnamon, and oregano really abound in antioxidants. Including plenty of these into your diet will help you stay young.


To prove the beneficial effect of antioxidants on the body and their ability to slow down the aging process, a group of scientists from Scripps Research Institute (TSRI), Florida studied the thymus, the organ which is most affected by aging, and which produces T lymphocytes that  are essential to the proper functionality of the immune system and need to be constantly replenished. The results of their study were published in Cell.

TSRI Professor Howard Petrie and lead author of the study said that the thymus starts to atrophy from early adulthood and gradually loses its function. Their study shows exactly the connection between antioxidants and the normal immune function, he stated in a press release.

The Florida researchers developed a computational method to analyze the activity of two major thymic cells (stromal and lymphoid cells). An antioxidant enzyme deficiency in the stromal cells (lack of catalase) was confirmed in mouse models (mouse tissues are similar to the human ones in terms of age-related thymic function loss and catalase deficiency). Catalase deficit led to an increase of reactive oxygen by-products of metabolism and hence, a more rapid metabolic damage.

To ascertain the role of catalase, Petrie and his team increased the amount of the enzyme that was administered to the animal subjects and found that it preserved the thalamus size for a significantly longer period. Additionally, animals being given common dietary antioxidants like vitamin C were better protected against aging and its effects on the thalamus.

Try these tips and stay young and healthy longer!


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