9 Summer Self Care Tips for Moms

Are you feeling a little unprepared for the end of the school year? While it is exciting for the kids to get a break from class and homework, for moms the end of the school year often signals the beginning of what can be a chaotic season. Prioritize self care this summer with these 9 helpful tips:

Involve the Kids

When it comes to all the planning involved in summer – from daily schedules to vacations to meals – a little help can go a long way. Involving your kids not only gives them good practice in time management and scheduling but teaches lessons about making healthy choices. From designating daily exercise time to helping plan healthy meals rich with fresh fruits, veggies, the options are plentiful.

Be Ready for Boredom

Want to maintain your sanity during summer? Then be ready to hear “Mom, I’m bored!” about one thousand times. Practice self care this summer by prepping for boredom. Have the kids put together a boredom jar that is full of slips of paper with ideas of fun things to do on them like complete a puzzle, bake cookies, read, write to a pen pal, play chess, paint a picture, go on a scavenger hunt, and so forth.

Schedule Me-Time

Amidst all the kid-wrangling, don’t forget to prioritize some one-on-one time with yourself. This may involve connecting with your partner to discuss taking some early morning time on the weekends to get out of the house on your own and do something fun – maybe see a movie, go shopping, or simply read a book at your favorite coffee shop. Me-time rarely happens spur of the moment so be proactive and write it into the summer schedule . . . in ink!

Plan Day Trips

There are tons of fun (and inexpensive) day trip ideas that are going to be great for your family’s health and wellbeing. A nature walk can boost moods and incite curious exploration. Trips to the library to read and pick out books, as well as museum visits, are a great way to help prevent the summer slide. If a big vacation isn’t in the cards this summer, become a tourist in your own city with your family; and use services like FamilyDaysOut.com and Yuggler to find fun kids activities near where you live.

Keep Up with Friends

Sure grabbing lunch or coffee with a friend may have been easier while the kids were in school, but that doesn’t mean all friend time flies out the window when summer rolls around. Social interaction with friends helps you to maintain healthy adult relationships and a support system you can count on. If you know the kids will be at camp in five weeks, go ahead and get “coffee with Rachel” on the books!

Address Pain

Don’t let the hectic go-go-go of summer leave you ignoring nagging aches and pains. Chronic upper back pain, knee stiffness, or even a simple toothache may seem like something you can brush off now since you’re busy running kids to camp, the pool, and their friend’s houses anyway. But if you don’t nip it in the bud and address it now, it could turn into a much worse situation later that leaves you scrambling

Establish Self Care Rituals

Incorporate more self care into your nighttime routine. After brushing teeth and washing your face, think about taking a nice warm bath, giving yourself a little foot rub, doing a mini yoga session, or meditating for 10 minutes with aromatherapy. Sometimes self care only falls into a small window of time during your day so make it count by making it an everyday thing.

Limit Screen Time

It may feel natural for you and your kids to fall back on screens during the summer whether it’s perusing Facebook, watching Netflix, playing video games, texting friends, you get the idea. While screen time isn’t altogether bad, setting limits ensures that the kids don’t end up on their devices all day. Plus, keeping screentime to a minimum right before bed can prevent excessive blue light exposure which has been shown to disrupt sleep.


Giving back and helping others is good for the body and the soul. Not only has volunteering been shown to improve mood and boost feelings of self-worth, but it’s great for family bonding and getting exercise too. Think about walking dogs for the local animal shelter, participating in a neighborhood or river cleanup, or even joining a charity walk-a-thon.


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