Amazing Ways To Quit Smoking Without Breaking a Sweat

For most people quitting smoking is one of the hardest things they’ve ever done.

Truth be told, it does become challenging and you will always have that taste of a cigar in your mouth. It makes it even harder knowing there are a lot of opportunities for you to relapse and staying away from this vice is sometimes impossible.

Still, there are ways you can pull it off.

Although you might not realize this, smoking is not only about strength of will; it is also about reducing chances for relapse.

Of course, all of this can be done with some planning and proper structure. Let’s find out how you can do it as well.

Amazing Ways To Quit Smoking Without Breaking a Sweat


  • Think of reasons preventing you from stopping


The biggest issue with smoking (or any vice) is that we constantly make excuses that bring us back to it. You tell ourselves that it tastes good, that it feels good and that there isn’t any immediate reason why you should quit right now. But, instead of hiding behind excuses, why don’t you try to turn the table? Instead of that, ask yourself what is preventing you from stopping. This small switch in attitude can go a long way. You will go from “Why wouldn’t I?” to “Why would I?” When you manage to answer that question, you will realize there aren’t many (true) reasons why you should be smoking in the first place.



  • Make sure you’re healthy before quitting  


Although quitting smoking will improve your health as there won’t be any nicotine in your body anymore, it can have an adverse effect. Many people use cigarettes and tobacco for relaxation. It is a method that helps them perform work and do other stuff in their lives. This might seem benign and irrelevant but if you remove that stress relief, you can easily get depressed, moody or start feeling bad about yourself. Because of this fact it is important to be healthy both mentally and physically before you start the process. You will need all the strength you can muster to pull it off. Also, find something to replace the smokes, like e-cigarettes with e-liquid or some other activity that will help you deal with stress.



  • Start training


Training can be an important part of the process and one of the best incentives why you should continue your life without cigarettes. As you stop smoking, you can opt to use that spare time and start training. Exercise is great for balancing your body and eliminating stress. This can be a great replacement to cigarettes when it comes to its stress-relief factor. However, there is another benefit to doing it. You will start breathing better. It will improve your whole organism and you will quickly realize the difference. Instead of gasping for air and having some other respiratory issues, now you will have a chance to completely turn things around and the change itself can be a good motivator for you to stop smoking.



  • Get a hobby


Smokers are used to doing something with their hands: it comes with the territory. Unfortunately, this is one of the main reasons why some people relapse. They simply get bored and the habit is too strong. As if cigarettes fit naturally. Best way to replace this habit is by getting a hobby. Hobbies usually require both hands and concentration. Whenever you’re feeling in a mood for cigarette, start practicing your hobby. It will take your mind off and make your hands busy.  



  • Invest more time in family and friends


Although some people say that cigarettes are a social vice this isn’t completely true. Yes, we tend to use them in social occasions when we go to bars etc. but this isn’t the main environment. So, you can easily spend time with people without ever having to relapse. This is one big advantage cigarettes have over alcohol as alcohol is much more social in nature. If your family and friends are non-smokers try spending more time with them. Go out and socialize. This will take your mind off, keep you healthy and active and you will never have to go for cigarettes out of boredom.

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