9 Tips For Planning A Baby Shower

A new life coming into the world is a fantastic cause for a celebration, and there’s no better way to celebrate than with a fun baby shower. These celebrations happen every single day. In North Dakota alone, there are 11,000 births each year. And now, your friend needs your help. If you've been enlisted to help plan their baby shower, here are a few tips to keep your planning on track. Pick a Date and Create A Guest List Have your friend select a few options as far as day and time for the … [Read more...]

5 Ways Shopping Locally Benefits Your Kids

The movement to do business with local entrepreneurs and small businesses has been steadily growing in recent years. Consumers are taking small steps away from large, impersonal big-box retailers to shop at stores within their own communities. But it turns out that your local farmers, craftspeople, and mom-and-pop shops aren't the only ones benefiting from your family shopping on a smaller scale. The kids in your community, including your own, also benefit when you shop local. Not sure … [Read more...]

Is Ice Cream Healthy For You?

The popularity of ice cream is undeniable. The smooth and creamy dessert is an American staple, so much so that it is present in 87% of U.S. freezers at any given time. Whether you eat it with a spoon directly out of the carton, share your ice cream with your dog or cat (something one in five of us readily confess), or use it to mark a special occasion, just about all of us enjoy eating ice cream. That begs the question: Is it healthy for you? Should you feel guilty about eating it? Let's … [Read more...]

Are Gender Reveals Worth It?

Planning for a new addition to the family is incredibly exciting and is definitely something worth celebrating. After all, many families struggle with fertility and having a child. However, the excitement of a new child has led some couples to adopt an increasingly concerning trend: extreme gender reveals. Across the country, gender reveal parties are causing a shocking amount of damage, with some ideas actually leading to the death of several people, both those involved and bystanders. Are … [Read more...]

Warm and Hearty Winter Delights to Keep You Cozy

Over the course of the four seasons, Americans dine out about 4.5 times per week. It’s likely that much of that weekly dining is done during summer and spring. The winter months may be a time for staying in, dining heartily, and chasing away the cold and grey with warm, colorful dishes prepared at home. Read on for a full buffet of meals and drinks that will keep your kitchen and belly warm this winter. Breakfast Hot Chocolate French Toast While it's doubtful that the Aztecs had this … [Read more...]

How To Find The Right Dentist For Your Family

Getting your children to the doctor or dentist is always a struggle - most kids will whine, fuss, and put up a fight on their way out the door. But what if the reason they're fussy is simply because you have the wrong dentist for your family? Not all dentist trips have to be a struggle - finding the right dental care office can help make taking care of your children's dental health a breeze. Here are a few qualities you should look for in a family or pediatric dentist before scheduling your … [Read more...]

How Your Family Can Reduce Food Waste This Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us, which means we'll be spending time with friends and family, exchanging presents, and enjoying festive meals. Of course, working off all those indulgences will be relatively easy for the 53% of adults who meet the CDC's guidelines for aerobic physical activity. But there may be other reasons to have food-related guilt during the holidays. And we're not talking about spending the entire afternoon on the iPhone you just bought after a holiday meal. That's because, … [Read more...]

Experiencing Postpartum Depression? There Are Resources That Can Help

Postpartum depression is a common reality for mothers all over the world, impacting roughly one in seven women. Common symptoms of the condition include feelings of anxiety, a lack of energy, frequent crying, and irritability. Changes in typical eating or sleeping patterns can also occur in many cases of postpartum depression. There is no one simple cause for the mood disorder, either. Rather, it is believed to result from a confluence of physical factors such as lack of sleep, emotional factors … [Read more...]