Crafty Thursday – My First Ever Crocheted Granny Square

Above is the first ever granny square I have ever crocheted!  I am so proud of it.  I honestly thought I’d never be able to do one – they looked so complicated, but in all reality they’re not!  This one was super simple.  I’m thinking about making a video tutorial on how to do your own.  :)

After I get done crocheting the afghan, doing the cross stitch ornament, and finishing the plastic canvas wall hanging (all Christmas presents for my family) I think I’m going to make a granny square blanket.  I’m going to make more of the pink and white one, like above, and then do purple and white ones and put it together.  I think that would be really pretty.  Then closer to Christmas 2013 I want to make a green, red, and white one possibly.


  1. You’re already ahead of me! I haven’t even made granny squares (unless you count the stocking ornaments… they are a granny square folded) in my entire crocheting adventure. My mom really want’s a crocheted blanket from me and so I have some ideas using granny squares. One day the time will come. Maybe this spring while I’m nesting. :)

    • Wow! I can’t believe I’m ahead of you! Those stocking ornaments you made are adorable. I’d love to see the pattern for it if you don’t mind sharing it with me. :)

  2. Great job! I learned how to do a granny square earlier this year and made some hot pads with them to sell on my Etsy shop out of cotton yarn. Hope all of your projects go great – have fun!


  3. It’s very pretty!

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