Create Bespoke Eyebrows With Microblading That Looks as Natural As You Want It To Be

Eyebrows should perfectly complement the appeal of the eyes and help to reveal its beauty in full glory, which is why you need to care for your eyebrows to create the most impressive looks.  The need to care for eyebrows never seem to end because some people may have beautiful, full eyebrows, but there might be a slight gap where either the hair growth is very thin or completely lacking. This aberration needs quick rectification, and the best way of doing it is to go for microblading, the latest technique in eyebrow makeup. The technique is mostly like drawing the eyebrows by using the tattooing technique, which is why people also call it eyebrow tattoo. According to Lisandra Rodriguez of The Brow Effect, a microblading studio in Florida, except for the similarity in the technical aspects of tattoo application, there is hardly any other similarity with conventional tattooing.

Eyebrows drawn by an artist

Microblading is an artistic technique because like a painter or drawing artist, the tattoo artist uses a small pen-like tool created specifically for the purpose to create the perfect shape of the eyebrow with the desired density that looks beautiful. With a few strokes of the pen with 10-12 needles, the artist draws the eyebrow by using pigments that give it a completely natural appearance.  The needles are so fine that it will not penetrate the skin but scratch the surface delicately. And it is natural because you cannot rub it off even accidentally nor it will it wash away when you come out from the shower or swimming pool. The eyebrows remain intact in all weather conditions without any need to touch it up. Once done, you can forget about it until it reaches the end of its life after three years. 

Faking fuller eyebrows

Even if you know that it is not natural, you cannot denounce the fake fullness of eyebrows that you get from microblading because of its semi-permanent nature. Just imagine what you could achieve in a few hours stays with you for some years and it rids you of the hassles of touching it up with pencil now and then.  You are relieved that you need not spend long hours penciling your eyebrows only to get the shape completely wrong. When you do microblading, your eyebrows behave like natural eyebrows in all respects, and you can adore the fake looks with pride.  

Have bespoke eyebrows

Every face is unique, and so are the eyebrows, and there is nothing standard about it. What best that you can do for your eyebrow architecture depends on how well you use microblading for creating the most desired shape for your eyebrows with matching fullness. You can have bespoke eyebrows with microblading that fulfills your desire to look more beautiful.  

Organic and synthetic pigments are used in microblading, but you must put aside the debate about which is better of the two and insist on using medical-grade pigment only. After all, the skin must tolerate the pigment that should not have any side effects.  If you’re looking for a place to learn how to do it yourself, make sure to check out a reputable academy school.

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