Creating a Calm Nursery for Your Newborn

When you are bringing a new baby into your home, there is a lot to prepare. From stocking up on diapers and onesies or taking first aid classes for yourself, it is a long 9-month journey to bring your new love home. One of the most important preparations is to create a place in your home for your baby – a calming nursery that welcomes them warmly.

Natural Color Schemes

Furniture aside, you must first start with the color scheme of the room. While newborns sleep quite a lot, you want to create a room for them that keeps them calm and happy – able to get to sleep without problems. Fortunately, there are certain colors that are ideal for any nursery. The go-to colors are often soft shades of white and natural beiges or tans.

Blue is a classic, and it naturally helps people to calm down and get to sleep, cooling any feelings of anxiety. Calming greens create a sense of security within nature, and soft purples naturally create a serene environment for a fussy little one. Pink is a common favorite for newborn nurseries, and it is a loving and warm color that speaks comfort to children.


Natural colors in the nursery are best, but this doesn’t take away from the outstanding accent colors often found in a comforting nursery. Choose other simple colors, such as blue with tans or off-white with soft pinks, as well as patterns to draw your baby’s eye away. Try a pattern of stripes of diamonds, even stars and animals, to help maintain a restful place for your little one.

Nursery decor should never be distracting, but choosing a theme and adding pieces that speak to this theme is quite important. Choose stuffed animals reflected in the stickers on the walls, pleasant patterns such as stars or musical notes. For ease of setup, wall stickers are a great way to customize your baby’s new room with non-distracting accents.

Soft Lighting

One of the best options for many, of course, is to have a window in your baby’s nursery. This beautiful natural light is better for your new child than an artificial lamp, although it is important to lock them well. Choose soft lighting, whether from a window or a light fixture, that does not glow too brightly on the small baby’s face.

Nooks and Crannies

It is important to keep clutter under control in your baby’s new room. Get creative: build shelves into the walls and install other hiding places for your baby’s things to live. You’ll want to keep your baby’s room distraction-free to help them get to sleep and play well. Create a comfortable nook for baby and me moments: rock them to sleep, play on the rug, and rest together in one cozy corner of the nursery.

When you are preparing your home and your child’s new room for their arrival, there is a lot to think about – and several ideas that may come into your mind. Should it be extraordinarily fancy, or supportive of your own fandom and interests? However you decorate your child’s nursery, remember that it should be calming to their little hearts and minds.

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