Decorating in Style: 9 Timeless Bathroom Trends That Will Never Go out of Season

Need to spruce up the overall look of your home’s bathroom, but can’t quite find the right evergreen design to bank on?

Well, whether you go for something clean, cool and crisp or a timeless, retro or vintage-inspired bathroom trend, just be sure to choose something that will never lose its charm. Invest in timeless bathroom design and you will never get bored spending time inside there.

There is a whole world of trends and ideas and, depending on your budget, preferences, and size of the bathroom, be sure to get an awesome bathroom. With that, let’s have a look at the best bathroom design trends that continue to stand the test of time.

1.Vintage wins, all the time!

Vintage bathroom designs seem to be the center of attraction right now. But as an expert in interior décor would tell you, the hype and glamor around designer ideas of the past have never really died down.

However, because vintage designs for bathrooms differ, it only makes sense when particular details are taken into consideration. They include investing in vintage mirrors, exciting light fixtures, an old vanity dresser, retro tiles and essentially giving the entire area a cool, gold tone. For some inspiration, you can head over to Pinterest or maybe check out some incredible shots from Better Homes and Gardens.

2. Tub at the center of everything

Placing a freestanding bathtub strategically at the focal point isn’t something new. It’s a popular and luxurious bathroom design that also saves a lot of space. It’s incredible that, despite being an old style, this bathroom design trend continues to earn plaudits from design aficionados. The secret: make the flooring a bit laid-back and pain white every other area, from the walls to the ceiling.

3. Ceramics and Marble – Terrazzo is awesome    

Ceramic has for a while now remained a mainstay in timeless bathroom designs. It is as versatile as it is useful in all areas – the wall, the floor and basically anywhere else. However, its partnership with marble accents and Terrazzo – a new entrant, especially with regards to beautifying a bathroom can’t be underestimated. You just have to look at any Italian style bathroom or, better yet, get ideas from Unique Vanities to understand how great this match is!

4. The allure of asymmetrical accessories

In a modern-day bathroom, nothing speaks style and splendor more than chic and uniquely arranged accessories. And right now, the glamor is with the art of playing around with them so that the resulting color clash and pattern mixing is beautiful.

With this timeless classic design, you choose asymmetrical furnishings that can make the entire place look and feel expensive and dramatic. Some of the things to focus on here are how the cabinets, shelves, and drawers look and the way they are arranged. However, because this timeless trend is delicate to keep alive, it would be smart to try it on those accents that are easy-to-replace!

5. Open concept bathroom design trends

No matter the type of bathroom or how old it has been, if it was designed with an open concept, the entire piece will forever remain charming. And it’s not hard to see why!

First, the whole idea of using natural light by using steel or privacy glass on the larger portion of the doorway is brilliant. And then, the beauty is further enhanced by the furnishings and the overall white, calming color of the inside. The residential interior world has always preferred this trend and it seems it may not let it go any time soon.

6. Statement art at specific parts of the bathroom

Ordinary bathrooms will have a mirror, a couple of flower vases and a dresser for beautification purposes. However, wait until you set your eyes on a design that has forever remain in the season, courtesy of statement art.

Bathroom wall art design trend isn’t something new, although it has been getting revolutionized lately. Actually, this trend is as exquisite to look at as it is loved by budget interior décor experts. At the center of it are a couple of framed pieces of fine artwork, specifically hanged on strategic areas of the bathroom.

7. Wondrous Victorian Bathrooms

It can be difficult to boldly write off the beautiful Victorian bathrooms in 2019 as designs of the times gone by. The drama and dazzling ambiance they were known for back then, especially with the high-hung chandeliers, a chic tub, and a vintage dresser still have the charming feel today.

Today though, a Victorian bathroom doesn’t have to exactly like those of the past – awe-inspiring and super distinctive is enough. The main thing is to basically invest in the furniture and fixtures, recreate the luxurious feel and enjoy.

8. Wood for your little haven

Yet another awesome and timeless bathroom trend, wood can turn a boring bathroom to look and feel warm, calming and inviting. The use of wood has tremendously changed over time and right now, many are using it, not just on the cabinets, the shelves, and wardrobe, but also on the flooring, vanities and other aspects. The resulting Scandinavian sleek design, especially when it’s used extensively on open concept design, is fantastic.

9. Tech-infused bathrooms

This bathroom design trend isn’t precisely as old as the others out there. But the fact that it will never go out of season means that it rightfully deserves to be here!

As you already know, technology is the cog in the wheel of many people’s lives. And in many bathrooms, mirrors that feature cool, built-in LED lights, intelligent and automatic temperature regulating sensors and motion-detector faucets are already in use.Others even have touchscreen doors, AI-inspired fixtures, and towel racks. Tech experts are saying that this is just a start of what the future has. However, for someone who is fascinated by tech and the smart gadgets, then this’s a chance to make the bathroom get a tech-inspired revolution. For some inspiration, the Ambient has a list of tech trends for bathrooms and they certainly will give you an impressive list to start with.

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