Despicable Me Party Cake Tutorial

Despicable Me Party Cake Tutorial | Optimistic Mommy

If you know anything about my daughter, you may know she is obsessed with Despicable Me.  She absolutely loves those Minions and has watched both movies countless times.  That’s why I am super excited to bring you this Despicable Me cake tutorial!  It is super easy to make and will make any Minion-Obsessed child happy!  Stay tuned over the next week or so – I have cookies and cake pop directions to share with you, as well – all Despicable Me themed!


Ingredients and supplies:


  • 3 – 8″ Round Layer Cakes Prepared and Cooled
  • 3 – 6″ Round Layer Cakes Prepared and Cooled
  • 2 – 3″ Round Layer Cakes Prepared and Cooled
  • Prepared Buttercream Frosting (Yellow, Blue and White)
  • Prepared Fondant (Yellow, Purple, Black, White and Grey)
  • Silver Simmer Powder
  • Powdered Sugar
  • Frosting Knife
  • Fondant Smoothing Tool
  • Fondant Rolling Pin or Silicone Rolling Pin
  • 2 Piping Bags Fitted with Medium Star Tip
  • Cake Plate or Cardboard Cake Base
  • Sharp Knife or Xacto Knife
  • Cake Dowels

Step 1

Use a knife to level the cakes and discard the scraps.  Stack the 8” layers on top of one another with a layer of buttercream between.  Cover the outside of the stacked cake with a layer of buttercream and set aside.  Repeat with the 6” cakes.  For the 3” cakes, level only 1 of the two and leave the 2nd with a rounded top.  Frost as you did the 6” & 8” cakes.

Step 2

Roll out the grey fondant into a circle large enough to cover the 8” cake.  The fondant should be rolled out to approximately 1/8” – ¼” thick.  When rolling out fondant, it is important to lift the fondant and rotate it to prevent it from sticking to the counter.  You’ll want to keep a generous amount of powdered sugar under the fondant to prevent sticking as well.  Do not flip the fondant as you roll like you may do with pie crust as this will put too much powdered sugar onto the finished side of the fondant.

Roll the grey fondant onto your rolling pin and carefully lay it over the frosted 8” round cake.  Use your hands and the fondant smoothing tool to carefully smooth the fondant and press it into the buttercream base.  You’ll want to remove any air bubbles and try to avoid wrinkles and creases in the fondant.  Be gentle as you smooth to avoid tearing the fondant.

Use your knife to carefully trim all access fondant from the base of the cake.

Step 3

Using the same method as above, roll out the purple fondant and yellow fondant to cover the next two layers.

Step 4

Carefully stack the now purple 6” cake on top of the grey 8” and then the yellow on top of the purple.  You’ll want to place cake dowels through the center of the cakes from top to bottom to keep the cakes from shifting or sliding.

Step 5

Now you’ll begin detailing the cake!  The bottom layer of the cake is to represent Gru’s jacket and we’ve created a fondant scarf  in grey and white to transition to the second layer.  You can add details to Gru’s jacket if you choose but we left it simple and added our Happy Birthday message here.

To create the scarf, you will roll out a fairly thick piece of grey fondant and cut it to approximately 2 ½” wide.  Wrap it around the purple cake just like you would a real scarf around a neck!  Roll out white fondant and cut into pieces 2 ½” wide x  ½” wide for adding stripes to the scarf.  Simply press the white stripes onto the grey scarf with your fingertips.

Step 6

To decorate the top two layers, our adorable little minions, you’ll need to roll out a small amount of black fondant to create the strap for the goggles.  Use a knife to cut the fondant into a 1 ½” strap and attach to each layer with buttercream.

Roll out a small amount of white fondant and cut 3 circles for the eyes.  You can use a circle cookie cutter or a glass for a perfect circle.  Add a smaller black fondant circle for the center of the eyes.  Attach the eyes to the cake layer with buttercream.

For the goggle rim around each eye, roll a piece of white fondant into a long strip.  Fold the strip in half to give it added thickness.  Dust this strip of fondant with the silver shimmer powder.  Apply buttercream around each eye and attach the rim.

Step 7

For finishing touches, roll a piece of black fondant to create a mouth for each minion.  You can do this by rolling it between your palms or your palm and a sheet of wax paper.  Using the same method, make 3 strips for “hair” on the top minion.  Wrap each of the 3 strips around a toothpick and stick into the top minion.

Lastly, use the yellow buttercream to pipe around the base of the “Gru” layer where the grey fondant meets the cake base.  Use the blue buttercream to pipe around the bottom of the yellow minion where it meets the purple minion (this will make it look like he is wearing the blue bibs from the movie).

If you are making this cake for a birthday party, orange is a great color for the birthday message as it will represent Gru’s enemy Vector!


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