DIY Engagement Gift – Wedding Day Countdown

DIY Engagement Gift - Wedding Day Countdown | Optimistic Mommy

Do you have a friend or loved one who’s recently become engaged and you’re looking for the perfect  DIY Engagement Gift to celebrate their exciting news?  Give them a beautiful piece of décor to countdown the days until they say “I Do”! This DIY Engagement Gift is easy to make and affordable and the groom and bride to be will absolutely love it!  You can customize it to match their décor or wedding colors if they’ve already begun planning the details.

DIY Engagement Gift – Wedding Day Countdown


  • Wooden Plaque (I purchased one with a nice shape and pretty details for less than $5!)
  • Chalkboard Embellishment Attached To Clothespin
  • Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Scrapbook Letter Stickers
  • Chalk
  • Your Favorite Photo Of The Engaged Couple
  • Hot Glue and Glue Gun


  1. Begin by making sure your plaque or piece of wood is smooth and clean of dust or particles.  If you feel it is necessary, use a fine grit sand paper to lightly sand and smooth the wood.
  2. Next, begin painting the wooden plaque.  My plaque had a routered edge that was perfect for adding an accent color for extra detail.  I painted only the front of the plaque and applied 2 coats of white paint, allowing it to dry between coats.  Once the 2nd coat was dry, I added my accent color.  For this, I used a metallic silver paint pen I had on hand and added just a few fine lines of silver to the edges of the plaque.
  3. When the paint is completely dry, add the scrapbook letters to the plaque.  You could phrase the wording on the plaque several different ways such as – Until We Say I Do, Until Our Wedding Day, Until We’re Mr. & Mrs.
  4. Next, use the hot glue and glue gun to attach the chalkboard embellishment clothespin.  This will later hold the couples photo.  You’ll want to place it so when the photo is inserted it will not cover up the lettering.
  5. Insert the photo into the clothespin and write the number of days with chalk onto the embellishment.  The Wedding Countdown is now ready to give your newly engaged friends!

The couple can change out the photo as the days go by and count the days down until the special day arrives!

DIY Engagement Gift - Wedding Day Countdown | Optimistic Mommy


  1. shelly peterson says:

    This a really neat idea. I do have friend who has become recently engaged and I’m sure would love something like this.

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