Ever Heard of Freedom Of Speech?

Apparently there has been a big stink about my post about Forgiveness with Church/God and With Yourself.  The way I feel about the people who take offense to this is apparently if it hurts so badly, maybe it applies to you?  Also, if you don’t agree with what I write, then maybe you don’t have to read it?  I don’t force anyone to read my blog.  That’s up to you, the reader.  There’s freedom of speech in this country – that’s one of the great things about it.

And calling people names because you don’t like what they say?  How does that make you any better?  Calling people names is so childish.  I never called out anybody out by name or called them any names like these people are doing because I have more integrity than that.  That should show who is more of an adult in the situation.

And that brings me to the Quote of The Day…



  1. That is the only explanation as to why it’s causing a fuss to some people. It applies to them.

    They need to put their big girl panties on, grow up, and stop being hypocrites and martyrs. Oh, and if the people who are causing the trouble reading my comment: Get your own life, stop pestering others and grow up. No one is making you read this awesome blog. The blog owner can write whatever she wants on HER blog. Don’t like it? Get your own.

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