EverydayFamily.com is a Great Pregnancy-Toddler Site!

You may have noticed I’ve been a little absent the past week or so.  More on that later. :-)

I just wanted to let you know real quick about a great site out there if you are either planning to have a baby (whether it be your first child, second, or more) or you have children.  EverydayFamily.com is full of so much information, as well as groups, sweepstakes, forums and so much more!  When I was pregnant with our first, I signed up for their emails and usually received one a day or every other day, and there was always interesting information about growth and development, among other topics.  I usually would click on a link in the email and end up lost in EverydayFamily.com for awhile!  I always liked joining their sweepstakes, too.  You may not win, but it is still fun to enter – hey, you can’t win unless you enter!

I definitely recommend joining their community.  You can then participate in the forums and receive the week by week development emails.  You will receive the development emails not only when you are pregnant, but as your child grows up!  I love seeing how on track our daughter is – luckily, she has been above normal. :-)

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