Excellent Skin Care Tips that Every Tanner Should Follow

People love basking in the sun without realizing that too much sun exposure can damage the skin. The harsh rays from the sun can harm the skin in different ways and in which skin tan is the most common. Here the skin will lose glow and moisture and appear dull and pale. Treating the same at the earliest indeed is a must to stop further damage. Although SPF and other agents can help, it cannot cure the skin completely. That is because the UV rays are always high and thus affects the skin regardless of sunscreens and sun guards.

These days the market is flooded with endless anti-tan products that contain chemicals which can damage the skin adversely. Here the best step will be to go all natural. Using some ingredients from your garden or kitchen can make the skin supple as these are available easily and most importantly are natural. Take a look at some natural tips to keep tanning at bay.

  • Tomato– Tomato will work great on tan. Along with removing tan as well as dead skin, tomato also has properties which can bring back the skin’s glow. The vegetable is also a natural sunscreen that can prevent sunburn, reduce the aging process and also repair the skin damage. Besides, it can treat skin problems when one suffers from the pale skin which lacks luster. Tomato contains mineral complexes which reveal bright and fresh skin together with great complexion despite the skin getting damaged by pollutants and sun rays. To know more, log in to Silkyblossoms.com

How to Use?

Take out the pulp of the tomato and apply this as a mask on your face or other areas that have tanned. Wipe it off after some time using water, tissue or cotton.

  • Yogurt- Another natural and active ingredient to remove tan is none other than yogurt. Yogurt mixed with flour will provide a skin that is soft, supple and clear.

How to Use?

Take equal quantities of curd and wheat and mix the two into a smooth paste. Apply it on the tanned areas and once dried rinse off with water and pat dry.

  • Lemon- Lemon has a good amount of vitamin C, and is an excellent tan removal agent. It contains citric acid which along with removing tan will also help in eliminating acne as well as lighten the marks.

How to Use?

Rub a slice of lemon on the affected area and once it settles wipe it off. In case of severe tan, mix lemon and curd and apply the paste on the tanned areas, once dry wipe it off.

  • Turmeric- Turmeric is famous for its antioxidants and antiseptic properties which is advantageous for the overall health. It fights pigmentation, skin tanning, acne and more. Using turmeric regularly will make the skin glow and make it healthy.

How to Use?

Mix turmeric powder with water and gently apply the paste on the affected areas and rinse it once dry.

  • Gram Flour- This is a widely used ingredient for treating tan. Gram flour will help to remove dead cells and provide a healthy as well as glowing skin.

How to Use?

Mix gram flour and water and make a paste. Apply this on the tanned areas and wait till dry. Then rinse with water. For that extra glow, substitute water with rose water.

So, now you know how to treat tan, right? Use it and see the difference.

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