Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial

Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial | Optimistic Mommy

Not all pumpkins need to be picked straight from the patch! In fact, you can make your own pumpkins right at home that will last you from year to year. Take a look below at how to craft a pretty fabric pumpkin like the one you see here, perfect for adorning your home for fall.

Supplies Needed:

  • One Roll of Toilet Paper
  • Scrap Fabric (You will need approx. an 18 inch by 18 inch square.)
  • Scissors
  • Thick Twig or Tree Branch


  1. Begin by placing the roll of toilet paper in the center of the fabric.Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial -02
  2. Pull tightly from the sides of the fabric and start tucking it into the hole of the roll.
  3. Continuing pulling and tucking the fabric until the toilet paper roll is covered. You will notice it stays in place as it starts to bunch in the center of the roll.
  4. Take the twig and stuff it into the center of the roll. It should stay snuggly in place but if not feel free to use some glue.
  5. If you fabric seems loose, you can add dabs of glue to secure it.

Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial -01Your pretty fabric pumpkin is now ready to be displayed. You can make a whole collection of them for just pennies, and they are perfect for displaying year after year. Give one of these pretty fabric pumpkins a try.


  1. That is too funny, my Mom and I just finished making some fabric pumpkins as well! I love the material you used!

  2. What a cute fabric pumpkin

  3. illy junus says:

    very good idea, thanks

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