Fun Fall Activities for Kids to Do with Grandparents

Looking for fun fall-inspired ideas for activities the kids can do with their grandparents? Not only is fall a great time to get outside and enjoy cooler temperatures and beautiful scenery, but it’s also the perfect season for family outings and bonding that promotes good health too. Don’t miss this quick list of fun fall activities for kids and their grandparents:

Volunteer Together

Did you know that National Family Volunteer Day falls smack-dab in the middle of November? This special day of service promotes not just volunteering in the community, but making a difference together as a family, grandparents included! You can find volunteer opportunities near you with search tools from Generation On or plan your own activity to serve others like beautifying an elderly neighbor’s yard, baking treats for local firefighters, or packing gallon bags with socks, toiletries, snacks, and water for homeless people.

Apple Picking

Enjoy a day of family fun and hit the local apple orchard together to take part in some harvesting. Not only can apple picking involve everything from lots of walking to tree climbing (leave that one for the kids), but the fruits of your literal harvest can be turned into delicious and nutritious foods everyone can enjoy – applesauce, apple bread, stewed cinnamon apples, you get the idea.

Walk (for Charity) Together

The fall months are ripe with opportunity to take part in charity athletic events like walk-a-thons and fun-runs. Why not join together as a family and support a cause you care about while getting a little exercise? Whether it’s for breast cancer awareness in October or Alzheimer’s awareness in November, you are bound to find events that are raising money and awareness for conditions and causes that mean something to your family.

Cook Fall Foods

Having dinner with the grandparents is certainly fun, but planning a meal and cooking together could take it to a whole other level. Get inspired by the bounty autumn has to offer and have the kids organize a meal-making extravaganza with Grandma and Grandpa. Roasting butternut or acorn squash, cooking sweet potato soup with sage, chopping up kale, fennel, and cabbage to make a quick salad . . . the ideas are endless!

Attend School Fundraisers

If your kid’s school or team is hosting a fall fundraiser like a pumpkin patch, fall carnival, or corn maze, make sure the grandparents get an invite! They’ll love supporting their grandkid’s school and getting out of the house, walking around, and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine can do wonders for everyone’s mental wellbeing.

Go for a Hike

What better time to enjoy a family hike together than during a season speckled with lush, colorful foliage? When picking a hike to enjoy, make sure to choose one that is fairly easy to get to and not too challenging (in distance or slope), depending on your family members’ physical abilities. Don’t forget to pack plenty of water, wear layers and sunscreen, and take your camera for those quintessential family pictures once you reach the summit or overlook.

Extra Help

Do Grandma and Grandpa need a little extra help these days? If mobility issues or other health concerns prevent them from getting out and about like they used to, that doesn’t mean they can’t still enjoy fall fun with their grandkids. Keep these tips in mind:


  • Utilize ease-of-use equipment. For example, a reacher grabber for older adults with arthritis can help reach high shelves or pick things up off the ground, a great aid for service projects together.

  • Keep it simple. Don’t overcomplicate fall fun; even a weekly walk around the neighborhood with grandparents could be memorable and good low-impact exercise.

  • Exercise inside. Whether it’s playing a Wii fitness game with the kids or simply streaming a beginner’s yoga video on the computer together, there are plenty of easy ways to do something healthy together when the weather outside is too cold or blustery.

Other activities that the kids and grandparents might like this fall include outdoor yoga, cycling, horseback riding, and badminton. The truth is that most older adults do not get near as much exercise as they should and physical activity plays a key role in good health and longevity. When it comes to family fun this fall, remember to keep everyone moving and involve as many people as you can, kids, grandparents, you name it!

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