Get the Kids Outside at These Best Playgrounds in Lyndhurst

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Looking for a fun place to bring the kids in Lyndhurst, New Jersey? It’s easier than you think to keep them happy and moving outdoors. There are playgrounds that appeal to kids of all ages, and each location has age-appropriate equipment that offers both fun and safety! Discover the best playgrounds in Lyndhurst for a truly fantastic family adventure. 

Lyndhurst Municipal Park Is Fun for All Ages

When it comes to location, it doesn’t get better than this. The park is located right next to the Lyndhurst train station, so it’s perfect for local commuters and tourists alike. With three play areas to choose from, there are age-appropriate slides, safety swings, and colorful climbing towers for toddlers, big kids, and even tweens. 

If you’re visiting in the summer, there’s even a splash pad that lets kids cool off and get a little wet without going swimming. A concession stand and nearby public restrooms complete the perfect playground environment for kids of all ages.

Frank Zaccaria Memorial Park Is Intimate, Yet Open

This is the perfect place to plan a family picnic or enjoy some light recreation in the sun. Two small playgrounds come complete with slides, swings, monkey bars, and swinging bridges. Covered picnic tables and benches surround the area, while a fenced-off basketball court provides space for bigger kids to enjoy a little competitive fun. There’s plenty of grassy space to throw a football or simply run around.

Essex County Regatta Playground Is Big and Beautiful

This is one of the larger parks on this list, and it’s a great place to take younger kids. There are several hotels near the park, so even a family with young kids can walk to it hassle-free. The playground is part of a larger recreation area that includes paddle boats and a walking path. Bring healthy snacks or pack lunches, because there aren’t many ways to purchase food.

Riverside Country Park Is 85 Acres of Fun

If you need to appeal to a variety of tastes and ages, the Riverside Country Park is a safe bet. There are 85 acres of land to roam, so no one will get bored anytime soon. Included in that space are workout areas, tennis courts, and even a dog park. Enjoy trees for shade and picnic tables for lunch and general relaxation. It’s a lovely place to simply go for a walk, too.

Richard W. DeKorte Park Is Paradise for Nature Lovers

Image via Flickr by Bogdan Migulski 

Not every park is about swing sets and slides. The Richard W. DeKorte Park offers gorgeous views of New York City as you and your teens walk along the water. Watch migrating birds in the fall, or spend a calm hour walking the dog. It’s perfect for those who value quiet space.

Whether you have toddlers or tweens, Lyndhurst parks have it all. Take a day trip to visit one, or make it a vacation and visit all. With so many trails and playgrounds to choose from, are you ready to plan your next family getaway?

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