Globetrotter’s Guide for this Summer’s Vacations

Are you planning to go abroad this summer? Well if you are not, then you should!

According to a survey conducted by Oliver’s Travels, 50% of Brits have a plan to spend the vacations abroad this summer. The holiday specialists conducted a OnePoll survey in the United Kingdom to find out the plans of Brits for the summer of ‘18. The survey concluded with some real catchy information about the Brits and their habits. The survey covered polls relating to common travel questions and choices like favourite travel destination, demand from the local hotels, kinds of festivities and holidays, most popular destinations, and their demands and needs. The survey covered a number of two thousand adults in the United Kingdom and you’ll be surprised to know what blows their hair back.

The Results:

The results revealed that every one out of two Britons will be leaving the country to spend their holidays abroad. It was disclosed that of all the ones leaving the country, Londoners are in the lead with 60 percent. Followed by the Londoners are Scots scoring the second position with a very little margin at 59% percent. Although of the people living in the South West, 59 percent showed their preference to stay at home for vacations this year and enjoy the local sceneries. Well that makes sense as the South West already is warm and picturesque; the beautiful coastlines, shires and dales. Also, south west is home to some of the most famous tourist attractions of the United Kingdom including Stonehenge, Dartmoor, Lost Gardens of Heligan, Bath and many cathedrals, castles and abbeys.

Who’s up for travel?

The survey also revealed about the groups of people that are willing to set foot abroad for a good holiday and a fun-loving exotic family time. The groups included divisions based on gender, regional, and age factors.

On the basis of gender the results showed that slightly more men are willing for vacations abroad than the women. Fifty-one percent of men revealed the plans of an exotic holiday, while only forty-nine percent of women were up for a trip abroad. It was also seen that the preferred holiday spot for women were the beaches with 38 percent choosing so. On the other hand, only thirty-two percent of men chose their preferred spots to be the beaches. When asked about the must-have amenities, women showed much interest in swimming pools with 21 percent and the second must-have need was air conditioning at 18% votes. Men on the other hand seem more agitated by the heat as most chose air conditioners as the must-have amenity. Men also seemed more into WiFi and television than women.

Scots are looking for some alone-time as they ranked having access to a babysitter their top priority. While Londoners were seen more inclined towards air conditioning and catering. North Easterners are crazy about food and all about onsite restaurants. Northern Irish seemed to like travelling with the family as they look for kid’s clubs and Wifi.

Different generations have different needs. The younger generation Z showed their dependency on WiFi with 22 percent choosing it as their most important amenity but to our surprise they are also the keenest ones for cultural holidays with one in every four indicating so. While the older generation X are longing for swimming pools and kids clubs. Well to no surprise at all the baby boomers want a TV. Millennials on the other hand are more after babysitting, catering and onsite restaurants as compared to other generations.        

Favourite Destinations:

To no surprise, Majorca is the most favourite travel destination throughout the UK. Although the most-favourite holiday destination for Brits is their own home country with 19% voting to place it on top. The second favourite preferred country was the United States of America as 17% chose so. The most favourite place in the States turned out to be California, with 16 percent of the respondents having been there. Spain took the third place with 16 percent participants voting to choose it.

On the whole, the most popular travel destinations this summer are Spain at 26%, followed by States at 9% and Italy taking the third place with 8%.

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