Handy Headband Holder Tutorial!

I’m super excited to be bringing you this great tutorial for a headband holder!  I don’t know about you, but I have a problem with my headbands getting lost.  Plus, my daughter will get a hold of them and, unfortunately, break them.  🙁  But I’ve found a way to keep them up up and prevent them from being lost or broken!  In comes the handy headband holder!  I made one and I’m going to show you how to make your own!

First you want to gather your supplies.  Here is the list:

  • Ribbon (I used about 3 1/2 feet of 1 1/2″ ribbon)
  • Hook Ring (You can find these where the buttons are.)
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue (Also keep a glass of ice water handy in case you get any on your fingers!)

To begin, you are going to take your ribbon and wrap the end, about an inch or so, around the ring.

Next you will take about three inches of ribbon and pinch it so it creates a loop.  Then you will hot glue it where it meets at the bottom.

You will then fold that loop down and glue underneath so it lays down.

You will continue like so until you have used all of the ribbon.

Now you can hang it up with a screw or you could even use a thumb tack if you really wanted to!  Then you just load your headbands onto it!  Your thicker headbands can only fit one per slot, but if you have skinny ones, you can fit 2 or 3 on each slot!  (Note: My holder looks bare as of right now – that would be because since I haven’t had anywhere to really store them, as I mentioned above, a few of mine have been broken.  But since I have a holder I can go buy new ones!  Yay!  Lol.)

Also!  If you’re not crafty or you just don’t have the time, but would like one of your own, you can buy your own!  Just click on the Storenvy photo below or click on ‘Shop’ on the menu and order your own!  🙂

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and you get to make your own!  Please let me know what you think in the comments below!  Thank you!


  1. Wow I will have to show this to my daughter. Thank you

  2. Wow! I love a project that is simple yet Perfect! Thanks for the great idea!!

  3. This is a super cute idea-and I bet lots of kids could handle the project, too! My daughter doesn’t wear headbands anymore, but I’m sure I can think of something she could use this for!

  4. Boy do I need one of these! This is a project I could actually do. I love the colors of the ribbon. Thanks for sharing this. I’m going to tweet this one! =)

  5. Cute! I have this project bookmarked 🙂

  6. Really cute!! I shared on G+ … nice pics for step by step!! 🙂

  7. So easy, and SUPER cute! Sure beats hanging them all over the same back-door hook and hoping they stay!

    Warmest regards,

  8. Great tutorial! need to make one for my dd!

  9. It’s one of those projects that I look at and think…why didn’t I think of that!!! Such a simple and great solution…good job!

  10. Well how cute and easy is that! Going to share this with all my friends with daughters, too.

  11. Oh my! What a wonderful idea! I have four daughters and there are headbands and hair accessories everywhere. lol We’re definitely going to make several of these. Now you need to come up with something for all the other hair accessories! Thank you. 🙂

  12. such a cute idea and easy to make-great idea

  13. Oh my word. My oldest loves headbands and this would be just perfect for her! She’s crafty too so she can make her own. I’m going to show this to her! Thanks!

  14. I just found a new project for summer with my daughter! Thanks so much for sharing this simple and great idea!

  15. Ada Miller says:

    That is so cute & it looks easy to make. My nieces have a lot of headbands,so they could really use one of these to keep them all together and easy to find. Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

  16. Courtney,
    I swear to you, I was just looking at Ava’s crazy collection of hair accessories THIS morning and wondering how to organize them better. I am SO making this. Now…an idea for hairclips? Hmmm…maybe the same thing minus the loops??

    • Wow, that’s crazy! I’m glad I could be of help! You could definitely do the same thing for hairclips, just don’t do the loops! Just don’t use as much ribbon (maybe use a half a yard or so – depends on how many clips they have).

      Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend!

      • I have the same thing for the clips – I just thumbtacked each end of the ribbon to the wall and clip the clips on! Now if we could only think of something for the pony holders! Mine are right now on a dowel, and I have to take them all off to get the color I want. It’s not a very efficient system.

  17. I totally need to share this with my sister!! Her daughter LOVES headbands!

  18. Ohh.. too cute! Love how simple it is to make!

  19. Awesome Tutorial!!! Have pinned and tweeted.. will also f/b… Thanks, love ideas like this for gifts as well.

  20. This would be a great project to do with kids, maybe use some craft glue instead of hot glue just for safety sake though depending on the age of the child. Thanks for sharing!

  21. Nice tutorial and I love the ribbon you used!

  22. I’ll have to add this to my to-do list! What a great idea! Thanks for posting!

  23. Leah Christians says:

    Love this idea if I had a girl I would make one 🙂

  24. Great tutorial!! My daughters would’ve loved this when they were little!

  25. What a cool & practical tutorial! I should make one for my daughter, she has a bazillion headbands 🙂

  26. That’s a really cool, nifty idea! 🙂 Pretty too! If I get into headbands this would be beautiful hanging in our bathroom. 🙂

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  28. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  29. Aah! That’s awesome! We just got a bunch of headbands on clearance at Claire’s and I’ve been wondering how to store them! 🙂

  30. Ana Lopes says:

    Super cute project! Love this idea!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  31. My daughter has tons of headbands and this would be ideal for her. She’s eleven and can make this for herself. Must show it to her. So cool!

  32. So fun! Thanks for sharing at Silver Pennies Sundays! x

  33. Super fabulous idea! And so easy, too! Thanks for sharing!
    Selene @ Restoration Beauty

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  35. Very cute! Thanks for sharing!

    Please join us again Thursday at:


  36. Thank you for linking up this great idea and tutorial to Say G’Day Saturday. This weekend’s party has just started so I hope you can join in again!

    Best wishes for a great weekend,
    Natasha in Oz


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