Having Beautiful and Healthy Trees In Our Property

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Northstar tree service was established more than 10 years ago. Our philosophy is to deliver you the best Tree Service as possible in Lawrenceville and the surrounding areas such as Norcross, Lilburn, Dunwoody, Peachtree Corners, Doraville, Tucker, Decatur, and many more places. We have a highly trained team of technicians that will provide outstanding tree service. But if you are asking yourself why should you hire our services, these are the main reasons:

Sometimes trees are planted too close to other major structures. Maybe you have noticed that sometimes you plant a small tree near a wall but as this tree grows as well as its roots, this wall will be an obstacle for the tree to continue with its growth. This is not the only problem but the tree will also damage the building. Another reason would be that sometimes the trees are shaped oddly. We all know the trees don’t grow straight up, but some of them grow crooked. If this starts happening, they can damage the property with the branches. We can remove the tree causing the damage. Another reason we are your best option is that you need a stump removed. Remember that stumps sometimes are useless and can cause an injury especially to Children if they are playing in the yard.

We continue to provide every possible service to help you care your trees these Services include, Disaster relief or storm damage, Full tree removal, Tree trimming, yard clean-up, lot clearing, tree preservation, tree installation, and ancillary services. If you got a problem with a tree because of a storm or a disaster, Northstar tree services are the best option to solve this. Remember that Atlanta is prone to extreme weather events and this makes most of the trees fall or just break. If this happens, we are experts in minimizing damage to structures and properties as possible. We can clean up all the debris that the storm has caused and clear the area so that it can be safe again. We are also insurance claims specialists. Our highly trained staff will assist you with everything related to the process of insurance claims. 

If you need a tree to be removed, Northstar Tree Service is here to do the job for you. Just as every other living thing we know that trees grow, evolve, change, and die. Most of the tree removals that we do are because trees are dead and they represent a certain risk for the property and the people. Other times we have to remove the trees because you might have a construction project in mind and the tree is in the area where you want to build. No matter the reason for the removal we will make it at an affordable price with minimal collateral damage. We are committed to preserving the planet and one of our priorities will be to preserve the tree. Unfortunately, sometimes depending on the situation. The only option would be to remove it.

If you would like your trees to look beautiful, healthy and look their best our tree trimming service is the best you can find in the area. Many techniques can be used but no matter which one you prefer, Northstar Tree Service are the experts on doing this. Trimming your trees will improve their health and their Beauty. We are experts in evaluating every single tree and to make up the best recommendation on which technique should be used to benefit the tree.

If you have a big yard and you have noticed that there has been a lot of debris, branches, leaves or trim brush all around, you can call Northstar tree service today and we can clean the area to make it safer and more visually appealing. Whenever you e planning new buildings or development projects, removing all the trees is necessary to have a clear area to execute them. We are experts in this and we will skillfully clean your lot no matter if it is big or small.

If by any chance you have a tree in your yard that you notice that is dying, the best option would not be removing it. Most of the time when the trees have failing health we can extend their life for many more years. We can use different techniques and solutions such as bark injections, nitrogen fertilization, tree spraying, soil testing, and many other ones. If you just finished building whether it is a house or a commercial area and you want new trees to make it look beautiful, you should call Northstar Tree Service. We are experts in selecting the right trees and where exactly to plant them. We will also make sure that you have the correct instructions to take care of your trees for all the years to come.

If you love your garden and you love your trees, you should know that improper Tree Care, poorly maintained equipment, and shortcuts taken by an inexperienced professional can cause you to lose your trees. We are well-trained technicians that have all the necessary training to take care of every tree in your yard. Feel free to contact North Star tree service at any moment. We are always ready to answer your questions. Call us today and get a free estimate. Regardless of what you need to be done on your trees, our trained technicians will gladly assist you and answer all the questions you have. Rely on the Professionals of North Star tree services and change your Yard into a normal yard Into the best yard in the neighborhood.

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