Helpful Tips to Keep Your Home’s Exterior Clean

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Did you know that you make a judgement about someone within one tenth of a second? While it may take a bit longer when someone sees your house, judgments happen quickly. Unfortunately, once that first impression is made, changing it is extremely challenging.

The fact is, curb appeal is important – regardless of if you are selling your home or not. If you have noticed the outside of your home is dirty, grungy or needs a bit of maintenance – now is the time to act. Use the tips here to ensure the exterior of your home sparkles throughout the year.

The Facade

Your home’s facade is what many people see first. The facade includes your garage and the outside material. Are these items dirty or worn? If so, it may be time to consider cleaning them. If you have brick or siding, a pressure washer can do the trick.

However, if you notice the materials are beyond help, more extreme measures may be necessary. At this point, contacting siding companies about replacing the existing facade material may be your best bet. This can provide your home with an instant facelift.

Clean Your Lawn Furniture

Do you plan on having people over for an outside event, such as a barbecue or patio tea? While you may have put quite a bit of time and effort in developing the perfect menu – what about your lawn furniture? Has it seen better days? Is it covered in dirt and grime?

The good news is, you can usually clean this furniture with ease. Most of it is resistant to damage from water, so you can take the hose to it. If the dirt is especially tough, consider spraying on a household cleaner, and giving it a good scrub. By the time your done, your lawn furniture will look new once again.

Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

There’s no question that outdoor lighting can really add to an event. It can create a nice ambiance in the evening hours.

However, if the fixtures are cloudy or dirty, they may actually detract from your event. Take some time to clean your fixtures well, and if necessary, change the bulbs. That way you can feel confident that everything will be lit up properly and that it will help show off your newly cleaned exterior.

Eliminate Wasps

Mud-daubers, wasps – they are the same thing and both unwelcome outside of your home. If you have an issue with these critters, then it may be a good idea to call the professionals.

They can help you figure out what to do to not only get rid of the ones there now, but also prevent them from coming back. Also, the DIY approach is not recommended, as it could lead to painful stings.

Remove Yard Debris

Have you let yard work fall by the wayside? If so, it’s not too late. Take some time to pick up sticks and limbs, rake up dead leaves and remove any dead plants.

Each of the items mentioned here do nothing by take away from your landscape. If you have time, and it’s the right season, consider planting a few new items to brighten up your yard. You can even put a few containers with pretty plants on your porch to add a bit of cheeriness to your entryway.

Keeping the exterior of your home clean doesn’t have to be impossible. However, you do need to use the tips here to help you along the way. Once you have implemented this advice, you can feel confident that visitors will get a great first impression of your home.

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