How to Eat Gami Fried Chicken like A Pro

Food is one of the basic needs that we can’t live without taking it. If you are a food fanatic – (I mean who isn’t?), especially focusing on the meaty category, then you definitely have heard about Gami chicken or even indulged in a meal or two of the same. What is gami chicken? It is a well-prepared finger licking Korean style cooked chicken.

Anyone who has had a chance to devour this meal can attest to the fact that it is one of the best chicken recipes that never disappoint the taste buds. Well, if you have not tried it, it is about time to find the best gami fried chicken locations and order for yours. Like any other meal, be sure to enjoy it more with a group of friends as you catch up on the latest encounters in your lives.

Let’s face it; there is no point of buying the gami fried chicken and not doing justice to it. It is essential to know how to dig in and eat that gami chicken like a pro. Here are a few guidelines that will help you learn more about eating your gami fried chicken;

  1.    Place Your Napkin on Your Lap

With quite a number of best gami fried chicken locations, choose one that will be convenient for you. Upon arrival, place your napkin on the right place, the lap. Why? Because you did not come to play, I mean, this is gami fried chicken that you are about to ponder. Furthermore, like any other meal, food spills are bound to occur, you do not want to leave the restaurant with food spills all over your clothes.

  1.    Keep Away Personal Items

You do not want to be destructed when having such a special meal. Moreover, such special occasions are the best time to bond with your crew one-on-one. Therefore, ensure that your phone is in your pocket or in your bag to avoid any food spills that will land on them and most importantly to enjoy your meal without destruction.

  1.    Survey Your Setting

It is critical to understand if the setting you are in is a formal or informal one. If it is a formal one, most often than not, you will be forced to use your knife and fork to eat the gami chicken. Consequently, if it is an informal setting, you have more freedom to either use the provided cutlery or your fingers.

  1.    Dig In!

The time we all anticipate for, digging in! If you are using a knife and fork, ensure that you hold the knife and fork the proper way- the knife should be on the right hand while the fork is on the left.  For the ones that prefer using their fingers, ensure you hold your chicken with both hands to get the perfect grip.


Now that you have all you need to become a pro gami chicken eater, feel free to order yours and have a taste. Above all, the most important thing is to enjoy your meal as you uphold the much needed and required table etiquette.

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