How to Get Your Kids into History

Are your children completely uninterested in history? History is a very important subject. Unfortunately, it has earned (maybe somewhat unfairly) a reputation as being a dull and uninteresting subject—as dry and dusty as some history textbooks you can find in the library. Understanding history can be character-building and contribute to wisdom, so if you want to get your children interested in it but are struggling to find ways to pique their interest, read on for a few helpful ideas.

Stories are a great way to get your children into anything. Stories have a way of making otherwise dry and boring facts come alive, and a skilled storyteller can spark your imagination and convey information in vivid detail so it “sticks” with you. One of the most thrilling and memorable ways to get your children into history is by going on a ghost tour like those you can book via

On a Colonial Williamsburg ghost tour, you and your children will be led through the historical streets of Colonial Williamsburg by a licensed and engaging tour guide who will recount captivating tales about Colonial ghosts and life during the Colonial era and the Civil War. Every story you’ll hear is based on extensive research and eyewitness interviews, so nothing is embellished or made up—they have even captured actual hauntings on video!

A ghost tour is not just an effective and attention-grabbing way to get your kids interested in history; it would also give your family the chance to bond and have fun together in a setting you’ll never forget.

Very closely linked to stories, movies are also a fantastic way to introduce a subject to your children. There are plenty of quality, award-winning big budget or independent films the whole family can watch together to learn more about historical figures and events. Hollywood has always been fascinated with the lives of prominent figures, and several critically acclaimed and historically biopics have been made about influential or sometimes controversial personalities in history.

Depending on the ages of your children, you may have to pay attention to the movies’ ratings, but some great movies worth checking out include Schindler’s List (set during the Holocaust,) Saving Private Ryan (set during World War II,) Lincoln (about the last few months of President Abraham Lincoln’s life,) and The Theory of Everything (about the life of theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking.) For your older children who may already be active on social media or who regularly use technology and gadgets, The Social Network (about how Facebook began) and Steve Jobs (about the renowned co-founder of Apple Inc) should definitely pique their interest.

Lastly, one of the easiest ways to get your children interested in history is by simply talking to them more. Do it casually, over dinner or while you’re walking through the supermarket or mall, and start by asking questions related to an ongoing topic. For example, while talking about upcoming smartphone models, you could remark about how far communications technology has evolved since the very first telephone, and start a conversation about how it was invented, when and by whom.

History is a wildly fascinating subject and an essential part of your children’s education, but it can be challenging to get young people interested in it. The key is to find ways to make it less intimidating and more approachable and relatable, and the best way to do that is by connecting it to things your children are already interested in. So talk to your kids, find out what they’re deeply interested in, and find ways to work history into the conversation, and that could spark the beginning of a lifelong interest in history.

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