How to Have Fun Without Spending a Penny

Money is a big problem for a lot of people. Whether you’re broke and you need to save enough cash to pay the bills, you’re simply trying to save more money, or you want to spend less, we all have money issues we need to deal with. The thing about cash – is that you can never get enough of it, but the quest for infinite wealth is enough to get even the most optimistic person down.

The good news is that you don’t have to be rich to have fun and enjoy your life. There are plenty of great family activities that creative people can explore without spending a penny. Here are just a few of our favourite options.

1. Host a Movie Night

There’s a good chance that you’re not the only person you know with a few money woes. We all worry about cash, and even if your friends are better off than you are, they still might be looking for ways to cut down their spending. With that in mind, why not band together on a cash-saving journey? Host a movie night once a week at someone’s house. You can rotate the house so that one family doesn’t have to constantly worry about cleaning up.

Pick a theme and have everyone bring their favourite movie from that genre, then allow the host to pick the film for the evening. If you want the night to last a little longer, you can also ask people to bring along board games too.

2. Get Outside!

We all live in a big and beautiful world. Yet, most of us spend many of our waking hours sat in front of a desk or slumped in front of a television screen. A great way to enjoy some much-needed entertainment and refresh your schedule is to change things up and get outside. Peel yourself off your sofa and explore what’s happening in your neighbourhood. You can either go for a walk and see where the day takes you, or you can consider looking free events up in your area.

Not only will you give yourself something interesting to do, but you’ll also soak up some great health benefits too, like extra vitamin D and more exercise.

3. Volunteer

Want to keep the whole family busy and give something back to your community at the same time? Consider volunteering. There are plenty of charities and non-profits out there that are desperate for some extra help, and many have kid-friendly events that you can take part in with the youngsters too. Volunteering gives you something interesting to do when you’re tired of sitting at home, and it’s good for the spirit too.

Pick a cause that you and your family care about and choose a day when you can all go down together and offer your assistance.

4. Learn Something New

Knowledge is power, and there’s nothing quite like expanding your mind – particularly if you learn something new as a family. There are plenty of cities out there with free museums that you can visit. While some are pay-to-enter most days, keep an eye on the museum’s website and you might notice the occasional free event or free admission day.

Alternatively, if you’re not interested in museums, then you can consider looking at alternative forms of learning instead. For instance, head to YouTube and check out a few “how-to” guides that you can use to bake cookies or make something at home.

5. Become a Part-Time Photographer

As smartphones become smarter and their cameras continue to add more pixels to the mix, many of us feel like amateur photographers half the time. If you like creating beautiful pictures, then get outside and snap a few shots that you can upload to Instagram. Not only is this a great hobby for you and the family, but it could also turn into a money-making opportunity in the future too.

If you start to gather a lot of followers, a company that likes your pictures might decide to use you as an influencer, which means free loot and perhaps a part-time job.

6. Read

Finally, sometimes the best ideas for having fun on a budget, are also the simplest. Pick up a book that you haven’t read in years and share it with your youngster (just make sure it’s age appropriate). Alternatively, you could try hosting a book club with some of your friends and borrow new books from the library each week that you can discuss together.

If you don’t have time for a while book, there are plenty of blogs online that you can check out to fill your time. If you pick useful articles, like this one, you might even learn a thing or two from the things you read.

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