Layer It Up – Spring Time Outfits That Are Hassle Free

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Layer Your Clothes During Spring

There’s always a debate about what to wear during the spring time because the weather can never make up its mind. Some days it may be warm and the next? Well, it may be snowing again. With such finicky weather it seems like it’s impossible to dress appropriately, or is it? The key to finding the perfect clothing for spring time weather is layering, so that you can be prepared for whatever weather may come your way. Rain or shine, layering up with the right amount of clothing will not only save you from being cold, it will also be easy to take a layer or two off when the weather warms up. Here are some layering tricks you should consider:

Ladies Thermals – Allow ladies thermals to come to the rescue during the spring because this type of clothing is perfect for layering. Find a variety of thermals on and keep your wardrobe current and spring worthy. Whether you choose from thermal long pants (which are perfect paired with a tee for spring), or thermal camisoles (also perfect for layering), all of these selections are ideal for spring wear. Add to your outfit or take away from it on a rainy day by wearing 2-3 layers depending on the day.

Leggings – Leggings are ideal to wear during the spring because they cover your legs entirely and are also made of cotton, making them lightweight and durable to wear throughout this fickle season. Leggings also go wonderfully with a long tunic, tee-shirt and a jean coat, or a dress. Don’t forget to bring along a jacket as you head outdoors for a special outing and layer appropriately.

Sweaters and Jean Jackets – The most obvious choice for layering are sweaters and jackets, which are easy to put on when it’s cool and just as easy to take off when it warms up. There are also many trendy jackets available, such as an ombre jean jacket that truly sparkles with a glam dress and leggings.

Tee – Shirt over a Camisole – Normally on a hot summer day it’s easy to only put on a tee-shirt that keeps you cool, however during spring it’s a good idea to layer, which means wearing a camisole underneath your tee. Stay a little bit warmer during spring by layering and you’ll feel more comfortable until the temperatures warm up. Learn how to layer correctly and feel right at home, no matter what season you’re experiencing.


Sierra loves layering during the spring time and stays comfortable no matter the temp. Find out what Sierra is up to on her Ocean Dreams blog.

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