Why Do I Love Receiving Roses On Mother’s Day? The Perfect Gift

One of the special occasions I look forward to every year is Mother’s Day. As the day approaches, I start dropping hints here and there about the gifts I want to get. My hints are usually subtle but sometimes I literally have to spell out what I want to my husband and children. There are several things that I like but nothing can compare to the sweet fragrance and velvety texture of roses.

I have always loved flowers and roses are truly the perfect gift for me to receive. Whether you are shopping around for flowers for your dear mother or you are a mother who is expecting a beautiful bouquet on this special day, this is an opportunity to delve into the reasons why people send roses.

Appreciating Mothers with Gifts

Mother’s Day is a day that is officially set aside to honor mothers for the immense role that they play in people’s lives. This is the day to let your mom know how much she means to you with a token of appreciation. From an elaborate breakfast to a stunning jewelry piece, the options are limitless when it comes to gift ideas for Mother’s Day.

Over the years I have had the privilege of receiving all types of gifts, including some that I would rather forget because they were quite horrific. The last things I need in my life are parenting guide books when I have already been a parent for several years or a kitchen appliance that reminds me of the chores I do on a daily basis. However, I am always grateful to receive items that represent the love and bond that I share with my family.  

Roses- Keys to a Mother’s Heart

It is actually very easy to impress me and even a brief phone call can broaden my smile and form crystals of tears at the corner of my eyes. Spending your hard earned money on a beautifully crafted bouquet of flowers on my special day is the key to my heart. I look forward to arranging my roses in my favorite vase and placing it on the mantelpiece along with an entire day of pampering.

The good news is that many other mothers love flowers and a significant percentage of shoppers buy elaborate floral arrangements on Mother’s Day. Virtually everyone sends their moms flowers on special occasions and you can rest assured that you are not the only one who opts for such a lovely gift.


Significance of Flowers on Mother’s Day

Understanding why people are willing to spend money on roses and send as many as they can on this memorable day requires you to take a step back into the history of this holiday. In the early 1900s a woman called Anna Jarvis declared that Mother’s Day would be dedicated to mothers after her mother passed away and her favorite flowers were worn in remembrance. Woodrow Wilson, an American President made the holiday official in 1914.

Flowers are much more than seasonal gifts that delight women around the world. They are symbolic and serve as a beautiful representation of fertility and life, which mothers are known for. Roses are almost as beautiful as me and your mother. They also smell amazing and when you are choosing flowers for your beloved mother you can consider mother’s day roses only as a memorable gift.  

Picking Flowers for Mom

  • Roses are among the best ways to let your mother know you love her and are worthwhile alternatives to other conventional options. Regardless of the type of flower, size, number or arrangement that you pick, flowers will always be a simple yet perfect way of telling me that I am loved and appreciated.
  • Sending flowers to your mother or mother of mother of your kids is a sign of affection and respect. There are different flower arrangements that you can choose from and making the right blooming choice can be challenging, especially if it is your first time.
  • Whether the special lady in your life is modern or traditional in terms of her preferences, she will always be excited to receive a carefully and thoughtfully selected bunch of flowers. If mom prefers particular types of flowers, she will enjoy a bouquet that exclusively consists of that favorite flower such as roses.

Roses are Special

One of the best things about roses is that they not only look fantastic, they smell even better. Red roses symbolize passion and are the ideal choice for lovers and couples. Send them to the wives and partners who have been doing a great job of raising your children. White roses showcase humility while yellow roses are associated with friendship. A pink rose stands for appreciation and orange represents enthusiasm.

Making Mother’s Day Memorable

Mother’s Day is an opportunity for you to make me feel special. Although I wish I could be pampered and showered with flowers each day of the year, I am willing to compromise. Delight me on this day with a blooming surprise by sending me an arrangement of roses. Rest assured that I will take care of them for as long as I can with some nurturing and water. I am a mother, remember? Taking care of little ones is a skill that I have mastered.

Roses are great and you can pair this floral Mother’s Day with a delicious treat like chocolate dipped strawberries and more chocolate. Many mothers, just like me, need some time to relax and we deserve some occasional peace and quiet time. Enhance the relaxation with a thoughtful gift such as a mildly scented bubble bath and candles. Creating a spa setting within the comfort of home is the best way to start or end the day, depending on what you prefer.


Finding the best gifts for the day begins with being aware that regardless of the type of gift you choose to give your mother, as long as it comes from you and your heart that is all that matters. However, this does not mean you should settle for last-minute gifts that are not personalized.

Check your calendar in advance and start thinking about some ways to remember and appreciate this special woman who means a lot to you. Celebrate mom with roses, which are one of the most popular types of flowers that mothers receive. Everyone needs to honor the mothers in their lives and roses are a great way to start.

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