Luxury at Home: Why a Freestanding Tub Will Add Value to Your Bathroom

Talk to any realtor or home decorator and they will tell you that the kitchen and bathroom are the areas in your home that will provide you with the most return on investment when you refinish them. Bathrooms can be especially important when you’re looking to sell your home, which is why it’s important to neutralize bathrooms and give them a good deep cleaning. But if you’re looking to enjoy your bathroom in the home you will continue owning, consider updating your bathroom from practical to downright luxurious.

While it used to be that family homes simply did not come equipped with bathrooms fit for a king (or queen), access to unique finishes and availability of luxury fixtures have made refinished, well-appointed family bathrooms are something a bit more popular these days.

We credit this to home decoration blogs and the resurgence of the freestanding bath.

It’s hard to imagine that the sleek, opulent freestanding tub was once nothing more than a glorified horse trough with legs. But over time, this bathing necessity became a must-have luxury item in the wealthiest American homes of the early 19th century. Having a freestanding tub was something only accessible to the elite since it denoted that the person had enough money for many servants to fill the bath and then to help them bathe.

For a time, freestanding tubs fell out of fashion in preference to combination tub/showers and to walk-in showers, but now homeowners are looking for a way to distinguish their home’s style and take a bit more time for self-care and being pampered. This has meant that freestanding bathtubs are front and center in family homes once again.

Which bathroom to do?

If you have more than one bathroom in your home, you may not be sure which one you should focus your attention on. However, if you have a master bathroom, we always recommend starting there. While refinishing any bathroom in your home (within reason) can increase the saleability of your house, redoing the master bathroom will provide you with the more enjoyable if you are planning on staying in the home.

What should you do?

When you’ve installed your freestanding tub, you’ll still need to create an atmosphere in your bathroom. Look to create an oasis that permits you to unwind and feel at peace no matter what chaos is happening in your day-to-day life.

Have you ever walked into a fancy spa and immediately felt relaxed and at ease? Draw inspiration from their designs by incorporating a soothing palette of neutral colors and live plants. Add fluffy textures with big bath towels and draw the eye with unique, uncomplicated art. If you have room, supply some extra seating with an ottoman or stool. This will allow you to rest your legs on the edge of the tub while shaving your legs or testing the water.

For more storage, add a bathtub tray that has room for a book, a glass of wine, and a candle. Speaking of candles: be sure to activate all five senses in your bathroom by also using softly scented candles. Not only does their presence add ambiance, aromatherapy is a very effective way to help you relax.

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