5 Ways to Make Money and Pay off Your Debts While Travelling the World

Travel is not just the perfect time to see the world while hawking over your bank account to ensure that you do not exceed your budget. You can still make money as you enjoy your travel. Perhaps you’ve heard of all the people who have quit their jobs to travel yet they still earn a decent income and clear their debt. That could be you too. Here are some of the ways that you can make money.

  1. Freelancing

There are many online sites that allow people from different corners of the world to work on what they are good at and get paid. The most common freelancing sites include Upward, Odesk or Fiverr. These sites have excellent opportunities that pay well.

With the world becoming a global space where people rely on gigs for the next big pay, why not take this leap as well. Note that there are many jobs online it’s not just writing or transcription. Freelance travelers are web designers, virtual assistants, online marketers, data miners, video producers, search engine optimizers, software developers, etc. This means that you can take your work with you across the globe while earning enough to travel and to pay off your debt.

  1. Teaching

You can teach English or any other language when traveling abroad. This is a great way to hone your skills, meet new people, and understand more about that part of the world.

Besides teaching in schools, you can also tutor. Tutoring can include languages, dance, music, math, etc. At the same time, if you possess the right professional qualifications, you can be a guest lecturer at an institution in the town you are in. You may even consider negotiating a placement. While having fun doing what you like with new people, this is also an effective strategy for coming out of debt.

  1. Make and sell items

Let your entrepreneurial spirit and fire burn brightly when traveling. Use your talent and /or hobby to create something unique then sell it online. There is a market for anything unique and if that product is on demand, Etsy and Amazon are your marketplaces. No need for big capital to get started.

  1. Blogging and affiliate marketing

You’ve probably seen a big number of travel bloggers cropping up daily. Wondering where they get their money from? Their blogs. Blogs pay through the use of paid ads as well as running sponsored content on your page. Once you have a few organizations wishing to advertise through your site, you will be on your way to an extra source of income.

Affiliate marketing, on the other hand, features partnering with a seller to promote their products through your site. Affiliate marketing pays through commissions earned when a buyer buys by clicking the link on your site. For greater success, your site needs to have a big readership.

  1. Work in the hospitality industry

Tours, resorts, hotels, and cruise ships have seasonal positions which you can fill. If you are traveling on a budget, such gigs will earn you extra spending and savings money, preventing you from reaching out for the credit card.

In conclusion, your debt shouldn’t prevent you from traveling. As long as you learn to live small and frugally,you can save a lot more on these ontravel jobs, clearing your debts and achieving a high level of empowerment and financial freedom. You should start looking at traveling as a way for you to pay off your debt faster.

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Samantha Hayes is a travel blogger. Her blog runs a series of financial planning and tips for coming out of debt when traveling. To learn more, check it out.

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