Movavi Video Editor Helps To Create Spectacular Videos Easily

When it comes to flaunting our recorded videos, we would always like them to have a professional touch. But high end editors are too costly and too complicated to use for the hobbyist videographers. However, you can stop worrying about such issues now, thanks to Movavi Video Editor. It’s an advanced video editor program that will help you to bring a pro-like touch to your amateur videos with much complications.


Let’s see how easily you can edit videos for a professional look using Movavi Video Editor-

Step 1

Download & install the Movavi Video Editor in your PC or laptop.


Step 2

In the next step, you will upload the video files to the program. It could be from the desktop itself or from your camera or smartphone or from your hard-drive. You can even upload images to be added to the video.


Step 3

In 3rd step, you will edit the media files with the Movavi Video Editor. The program allows you to perform a number of editing tasks such as – removal of unwanted fragments, trim or rotation of video clips, application of transitions and titles and so on. You can even add music or voiceover to the video. Besides, the video editor helps you to add a number of special effects.


Step 4

After you edit the video, you can simply save it and send it straight to YouTube or social media channels. Otherwise, you can even convert the video into any preferred format if needed.


Great features of Movavi Video Editor

A huge host of editing functions

Movavi Video Editor is bustling with all the major editing functions you will need to create a professional movie from your videos. The program is backed by –

  • More than 160 creative filters
  • Popular special effects like Chroma Key, Reverse, Slow Motion etc.
  • Both plain & animated titles
  • More than 100 transitions for still images and videos

Easy to use

Movavi Video Editor comes with simplified drag & drop interface for ease of use. It just takes 20 minutes to understand the operations with the Movavi software.


Conversion facilities

Movavi Video Editor is compatible with all popular video formats and hence can convert your movie into any format.


Automatic movie creation

Movavi Video Editor is designed with intelligent Montage Wizard. It is powered to sense the most interesting scene from your videos and then conjoin them together to create a fascinating movie.


Useful tips:

If you want to share your video online, you can do that straight from the recording interface of Movavi Video Editor. There is no need to save the video first in a folder and then upload it from there.


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