Naturally Nurturing – Why You Should Be Wearing Natural Bras

Comfort is key when it comes to finding the right bra, but there are other factors you should be considering. Decisions that run deeper than what feels good or looks nice, not that you should have to sacrifice these key variables. Owning a collection of natural bras has multiple benefits, not the least of which contribute to a more sustainable and ethical future for yourself and the generations to come. If it’s time to update your bra supply, make a change that you can be proud to wear.

woman in bra and panties

Environmentally friendly

The fashion industry has been contributing to the pollution epidemic for centuries, and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Fast fashion has become the norm, with individuals not expecting their wears to last longer than a season in some cases. Fortunately there are strong trends shifting towards environmentally conscious living, which makes way for clothing labels to produce high quality products that do not cause damage to the environment. When wearing an organic bamboo bra, you are pledging to maintain the beauty of the ocean and marine environments, and choosing not to support the cotton industry and the tirade of environmental abuse that comes with it.

Ethically crafted

The premise of ethically made is something we see plastered to coffee cups, accessories, and now clothing. But what does ethically made clothing really mean? For leading producers of natural bras, it’s having all employees working under the Australian Textile, Clothing, Footwear and Associated Industries Award. This essentially ensures a fair wage and working conditions, something that most fashion houses all over the world unfortunately cannot claim for their employees. Ask the question of your chosen brands, and implore yourself to seek natural bras that are crafted ethically.

No toxins

Unbeknownst to the greater population, you are not safe from toxins that are used to create bras and clothing. Yes, they may arrive to your door in a plastic sealed package – but the toxins are woven within the makeup of the garment long before you start to wear the items. The chemical solutions and materials that these dyes and fibres are made from are created to last a lifetime, and subsequently are synthetic and toxin by design and unable to ever break down. All women should adopt a natural mindset when it comes to undergarments, so that no damaging toxins are worn close to the body and able to make contact with skin. Undergarments should be especially critiqued, as they are more intimate than your jeans or sweater.

Setting an example

What legacy do you want to leave? The children and community that follows this generation are already exposed to the option of environmentally conscious living. But there is a long way to go, so let’s build this out. By supporting and advocating labels that produce natural bras, you set about forging a market that will drive sustainable change.

Comfortable fibres

There is a misguided belief that just because something is ethically made and environmentally friendly that it will be of inferior quality and comfort. This has not been the case for natural bras, with women from around the globe integrating these bras into their daily circulation, and preferring them to the synthetic counterpart. Taking production out of unethical practises, and bringing them to the studios of Australia and New Zealand will ultimately control the production quality.


If you hadn’t considered natural bras and the personal and global benefits they impart, it may be time to test them out. The future of natural clothing will start to be seen on a larger scale, with producers and retailers now asking the questions on how, and under what conditions, these garments were created.

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