Plan A Dream Wedding In Arizona

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Arizona receives some of the best weather in the entire continental United States. In fact, the Grand Canyon state receives more sunshine year-round than any other of the fifty states. This statistic can be surprising for those who travel to Florida, California or even Hawaii to have a sunny wedding or vacation. Scottsdale, Arizona is quickly becoming a popular wedding destination for a few key reasons. Besides the excellent weather, Scottsdale is home to some of the greatest wedding venues in the country. Here are a few tips for finding a dream wedding venue in the city of Scottsdale.

Plan Ahead

Even though a majority of destination weddings occur in Florida or California, there is still a lot of competition for dates in Scottsdale. When planning your wedding in Arizona, it is critical to plan ahead and book in advance. Some wedding venues in Scottsdale have a six month or even a whole year of waiting time. When visiting different venues in the Scottsdale area, it is important to ask about the availability. Planning at least one year ahead can help increase the chances of these venues being available.

Visit Some Of The Venues

Scottsdale is home to dozens upon dozens of beautiful wedding venues. When searching for the ideal wedding venue, it is important that couples be thorough. Many couples make the mistake of taking the first venue that catches their attention. In order to find the best wedding venue in the area, couples need to visit several different places. Even the smallest change in price, availability, location or size can make a big difference when planning your special day. When couples can’t visit Scottsdale before the wedding, venue websites should be used for research instead.

Consider Hotels For The Venue

When planning your dream wedding, not many couples consider a hotel for the venue. There is an unfortunate association that people have between hotels and ugly venues. The classic image of green carpets and tacky white tables seems to be a popular conception of hotel venues. In reality, hotels in Scottsdale AZ offer some of the most beautiful venues in the area. Hotels have the income needed to sustain a beautiful venue with the capacity to hold large wedding ceremonies. Most of these venues also have enough space to host all components of the wedding. The Andaz Scottsdale Resort & Bungalows should be considered by couples looking for the absolute best venue in the area. Their staff is knowledgeable and dedicated to making your day stress free and beautiful. Visit their website for more information about how to have your wedding there.

Stay within a Budget

Couples can run into problems when they don’t have a set budget for their wedding. Even though Scottsdale is more affordable than most destination weddings, there are still some choices that can cost more than others. Couples should always consult their budget when choosing not only a venue, but any expense for their wedding. Once you have a set idea for the budget, there is no reason to visit venues that are do not fit into it. This can only lead to an impulse decision that is financially unsound or lead to jealousy and regret.

Finding a dream wedding venue doesn’t have to be impossible in the United States. Arizona has some excellent venues that aren’t as crowded or expensive as those in California or Hawaii. These tips can help couples get started finding their dream venue.

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