3 Easy Ways to Clean Your Coffee Thermos

A coffee thermos is an ideal container that allows you to sip hot coffee hours after it was originally made. This makes it ideal for road trips that don’t feature too many coffee shops along the way. However, the thermos does come with a design flaw and that is the need to constantly clean it. This procedure is important because any coffee stains that remain after a superficial cleaning can interfere with the quality of the drink. Using vinegar and baking soda One of the most … [Read more...]

Why Is It Important For Homeowners To Hire A Window Cleaning Service?

Windows allow you to look outside your home, and they also bring sunshine in, which can provide light and warmth. This is the reason why you need to keep your windows clean and clear. Over time, debris, and dirt can become smudged on windows they come into contact with condensation and moisture. This can make it difficult to see the outside of your property. It can also negatively affect the feel, appearance, and even the value of your property. It is, therefore, crucial to clean your windows … [Read more...]

Carpet Cleaning: Life Hacks You Need To Know

Carpets are an important addition to every room in your house, it can turn over a new house into a place you can call home. It provides warmth and gives a helping hand in the interior design of rooms, by defining spaces and adding a touch of elegance. Unfortunately, carpets are usually overlooked while house cleaning. Many house owners will vacuum it, but don’t deep clean their carpets. While there are cleaning methods that should be done regularly that are best left to professionals who … [Read more...]

Importance of Maintaining the Cleanliness of Your Home

Your home is your pride and joy, where you feel a sense of comfort and security, and where you spend the majority of your time. So it only makes sense that one of the top priorities in our lives is to ensure that we always keep our homes in the best condition possible. We may take the importance of maintaining a clean home for granted because it’s just something we do. But it’s always crucial to remind yourself why keeping your home constantly clean is so imperative- it will certainly give you a … [Read more...]

Awesome Hacks in Maintaining Cleanliness in Your House

Maintaining cleanliness in the house is indeed more energy-draining than it actually is. Add in the fact that you have to juggle too many responsibilities in a day between work and family life. This makes the thought of doing house chores too overwhelming.  Fortunately, this article gives you some awesome hacks that make cleaning even the tiniest cracks and crevices super fast and easy.  Carpet cleaning Carpet cleaning can be such a notorious task, especially if you have pets … [Read more...]

Basic Steps on Proper Pool Care and Maintenance

Having a pool is one of the greatest things ever; you can swim whenever you want and cool off or relax anytime you like. Even though it's an amazing addition to your home, you still need to take care of your pool and keep it well maintained. Many people don't understand how to carry out proper pool care or how to check on different things for maintenance, so if hiring someone to do it for you isn't an option, then you need to learn everything to keep your pool clean and running … [Read more...]

4 Easy and Effective Ways to Clean the Drain

One of the most common problems in maintaining a home is cleaning the drain. A house drain refers to the horizontal piping that enables the flow of wastewater to the central waste vent. And since this system relies on gravity, problems such as blockages in the pipes are the common factors that prevent water from properly draining. Imagine yourself in a situation where you find the water in your kitchen sink or your bathtub refusing to go down. Before calling your plumber, why not try … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Clean Your Tiles

Nothing can beat the beauty, durability and versatility that ceramic tiles give to your home. Nowadays you can beautify your home with tiles of different colors and shape. For you to maintain their beauty, you should regularly clean the tile floor. You can use tiles for kitchen, bathroom, porch, backsplashes, entry floors, countertops and more.  Ceramic tiles enhance your home appearance and are generally easy care. But it does require some upkeep to maintain its look. Using normal water … [Read more...]