Handy Driving Tips For Student Drivers

There’s a lot of information out there about how to turn into or out of a skid and get out of a hydro-plaining slide. What student drivers need to know are the little safety tips that they can keep in mind when behind the wheel of a car for the first time. It might seem like a boring thing to read through, but you will soon commit these easy hints to memory and become a safe, confident driver. Safe driving tips can be a useful thing for anyone to read. If you have ever been involved in a car … [Read more...]

Top 4 Ways To Avoid Drunk Driving

Imagine yourself involved in a treacherous vehicle crash due to drunk driving! This can cause serious injuries, which could lead to disabilities. A high amount of alcohol in the blood can significantly impair your senses, thus affect your decision-making abilities. It is considered unsafe to drive with even .08% Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) as you are putting yours and the life of others at risk. Even a BAC of 0.04% largely influences your ability to think coherently and concentrate … [Read more...]

How Peer Pressure Can Play A Role In Your Teen’s Driving

Parenthood is full of joy, but it’s never free from worry when it comes to the safety of our children. If you have a newly licensed teen driver in your household, it can be an exciting time and another step to becoming more independent, but as a parent, it may be hard to hand over the keys and let them drive away on their own. Even if you don’t have a teen driver in your household, you may have a teenaged babysitter who helps you out by picking up your kids from school or other … [Read more...]

Ways Parents Can Prepare Their Teen Drivers For The Roads

Most parents dread the day their teen is old enough to start driving. It can be a scary thing for a parent to have to go through. Thankfully, there a many things a parent can do in order to properly prepare their kids for driving such as offering to let them study a Teenage car accident guide before they begin driving. A parent's worst fear is that their children get into an accident. If they do, however, it is important to hire the help of a reputable lawyer, such as Sutliff & Stout from … [Read more...]

How to Avoid Becoming an Impaired Driver Statistic

No matter how diligent you are on the road, you can't predict or control other drivers. One of the biggest threats to the safety of you and your family is impaired drivers. Despite harsher penalties and strides in education, car accidents involving impaired drivers cost an estimated $44 billion dollars per yer and will affect 2 out of 3 people at some point in their lifetime. With those kind of numbers, prevention seems to be the best weapon against becoming a statistic. The advice from a … [Read more...]