3 Road Safety Tips for Your New Teen Driver

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Having a teenager around probably gives you plenty of reasons to worry. And having them get behind the wheel could send those worries skyrocketing through the roof. However, you understand that this step is inevitable in their journey through life, as they grow and acquire more responsibilities. You also know that having a talk regarding the fact that they are now able to get behind the wheel of a vehicle that will move, is something crucial that cannot be put off. Most of all, you want them to be clear on the point that they need to be safe drivers. Not only now, as they are starting to drive, but always.

Open Up a Conversation

Getting your teenager to listen to anything you have to say may be a challenge. That is why it is so important for you to find the time to have an open conversation in which they may feel that their opinions are also heard.

Broach the subject of driving by asking them some questions. You may want to start by asking them how they would feel in a car driven by one of their friends in a reckless manner. What they would do and how they would talk to their friends about it. Or maybe talk about how prepared they feel they are to be driving in dangerous weather conditions. Or if they know that a friend who is driving has been using drugs or drinking alcohol. These are all important subjects that may help ease into the conversation about what their own personal attitude should be towards driving. And you may want to end the conversation by explaining to them three road safety tips that you expect them to follow at all times. Here are some ideas:

Wearing a Seat Belt is Mandatory

The excuse that it was only a short trip to the corner shops is never a valid one to avoid the seat belt. They have to get into the habit of buckling up the minute they sit down in the car. Your teenager needs to understand that seatbelts work to the point where they make the difference between ending up with a few bruises and their body flying into the car’s windshield.

Never Use the Phone While Driving

The distraction created by a cellphone is widely known and documented. Remind your teenager that no call or text is more important than their lives. Unless the phone is paired with the car and calls can be answered without taking their hands off the wheel, cellphone use while driving is absolutely forbidden.

Never Drink and Drive

Remind them that you are always there, just a phone call away. If they have been drinking, tell them that you will pick them up wherever they are. Also, if they feel too tired to drive, they should stay away from the car and let you know if they need to be picked up.

Has your teen been injured in an accident?

No matter how much advice your new teen driver gets, the possibility of getting into an accident is always present. If they have been in an accident and suffered injuries it might be a good idea to click here to read about getting the right lawyer to represent you.

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