Why Co-Parents Use Technology Instead of Talking

Co-parenting isn't always easy but you have to try to do it well for the sake of the kid(s). Many co-parents are turning to technology, especially communication apps, for smooth and effective dealings with their ex. Benefits of Using Apps Communicating with your ex using apps rather than face to face or by talking on the phone can make things simpler and less tense. Having things in writing also helps with record-keeping. You know exactly what was communicated, including logistical details … [Read more...]

What’s So Great About Online Dating?

The digital revolution has changed our lives in many ways over the past decade or two. Everything from the way in which we work to the way we enjoy entertainment and socialize has changed thanks to modern technology. In addition, the way in which we meet new people and date has also changed because of online technology. When it comes to love and relationships, people often turn to the internet for all sorts of things from buying adult products like a fleshlight to accessing relationship … [Read more...]

6 Questions That Will Bring You Closer To Your Love

Having a fairy tale love story is not the goal. The aim is to be able to cherish the love, truly, madly, deeply. The aim is to preserve the treasure trove relationship with infinite care, away from all the hassles of life. If you ask me can we find such a love, the answer that you are most likely to receive is -yes, provided you know how to make it happen? Partners whether married or not, often try their hand at things that can make them come closer to their love. But did you know that these … [Read more...]

How Moms Can Find a Hookup Online

Every time you get caught in some sexual rut, don’t feel like you have to keep hitting up your ex. If you’re looking for no-strings-attached sex, let a hookup site take the wheel. There are plenty of hookup sites out there, it’s just a matter of finding the right one. Cougar dating is nothing new, but most people don’t know that it is very popular in modern society. Unlike traditional dating services, it brings open-minded people together for a causal relationship. So how do you find online … [Read more...]

What Is The Positive Impact of Social Media on Relationships?

Social media accounts for the usage by billions of people on every one of its platforms. It provides an opportunity to build and nurture relationships on one platform with people from different cultures and demographics on one platform. More than a decade ago, we used traditional methods of communication while building relationships. It meant getting involved in face to face communications, writing letters or making phone calls. You also had to be very outgoing to maintain healthy … [Read more...]

Filing For Divorce: Understanding Your Legal Rights

It is a very difficult time that typically leads people to our articles. People who typically find articles are people who are undergoing a divorce. It's a very high stress and emotional time for them. Some people focus so much on the emotional end that they do not spend enough time understanding the business and legal end of things. It is quite natural for people to go through that cycle, but at the same time they need someone on their side acting as an advocate for them. What they need more … [Read more...]

How To Deal With A Heartbreak

Breakups are not easy to bear because losing someone that you thought would walk with you in all stages of life no matter what can be a heart wrenching experience. Most people drown in a sea of despair when they go through this period and some even have p deal with a number of health issues as being emotionally broken can have an impact on your physical well being as well. As humans, we tend to make more mistakes when we are sad and stressed, and this can turn our lives upside down. … [Read more...]

Good Tips Tuesday Link-Up Party #132 – Great Tips For Marriage #GTTuesday

Welcome to week #132 of Good Tips Tuesday! Today we are sharing some tips for a great marriage! Do you have any to add? Comment below! 17 Things I’ve Learned from 17 Years of Marriage from Homeschool Your Boys 12 Habits of a Happy Marriage from Successful Homemakers 5 Steps for an Intercultural Relationship from The Almost Indian Wife 5 Signs Your Marriage is in Trouble from The Vibrant Family 10 Ways to Keep the Spark in Your Marriage from Life at the Table Is Homeschool Strengthening … [Read more...]