Safari Advice for Travelling Seniors

There’s no doubting the power of the grey pound in the UK and the US dollar, both of which now account for almost 2 thirds of spending worldwide,   In total, older consumers spend billions each year, with this number having increased by around £100 billion during the last decade alone. Make no mistake; this demographic is increasingly inclined to spend their hard-earned money on overseas trips once they’ve retired, with safaris in Africa particularly popular. With this in mind, here are … [Read more...]

Common Senior Citizen Accessibility Issues

During the natural process of aging, many people find their level of mobility decreasing until independence is a struggle. For these individuals, who were once active and important members of their families and of society, any measures taken to ensure their continued independence is a way of giving them continued dignity and freedom in their daily living. Unfortunately, there are many public fixtures that prove to be obstacles for the elderly. These mobility impairments may be due to neglect, … [Read more...]