Shopping For The Best Moisturizer For Your Skin

All of us know the mantra for a beautiful and glowing skin –moisturizers! A good moisturizer that suits your skin type is a must to keep your skin hydrated and looking great. Everything seems sorted till you step into the ‘moisturizers’ section of the departmental store. The very sight of hundreds of moisturizers lined in pretty packs on the shelves can make your head go dizzy. Your prudence goes for a toss: “Gosh! They all promise great results! How do I choose one from these?” Of course, … [Read more...]

4 Natural Ways to Prevent Aging Skin

The desire to look young and fit is a dream of every soul. Smooth and glowing skin plays an extremely crucial role in enhancing our appearance. This is the reason why people regularly check their facial skin in front of mirror and push up their cheeks to tighten them, however, they tend to feel depressed when the skin goes back to normal. There is no dearth of beauty products to prevent an aging skin. While many skin care specialists advise their clients to use any high-quality anti-aging night … [Read more...]

The Healthy Way of Maintaining Gorgeous, Sexy Skin

As a highly conscious woman with lots of ambition, self-care is certainly a huge priority for you. You know that caring for yourself the proper way enhances your sense of well being and goes a long way in improving your performance at your job. Also, to be honest, you want to look fabulous, as does everyone. While for some its effortless, for others, it may take a bit more work to look as they want. Our own standards are always the highest, that's why can be a good companion … [Read more...]

FabFitFun Winter Box

I was recently sent the FabFitFun Winter box. I am excited to share the contents of it - there were some great items this season! I love the new way that FabFitFun shows off the items in the box with this catalog.  It includes more details about the items, as well as fun articles. Dermalogica Skincare Set ($45) - This is a travel set that includes the Special Cleansing Gel, Multi-Active Toner, and Skin Smoothing Cream. This set will be perfect for my blog trips - I can just put it … [Read more...]

How Does Skin Care Around the World Differ?

There are two things that generally link all skin care processes; the need to keep skin healthy and wanting to look good. So, you may think that if these apply to skin care throughout the world that all countries have the same approach; that isn’t true. You have to remember that even the idea of looking good differs, depending on where you live in world. In the US, and to an extent the UK, there is a lot of emphasis on tanning, the use of make-up and the reduction of wrinkles. In Japan there … [Read more...]

How to Layer Your Skin Care Products for the Best Results

We live in a time where maintaining (or achieving) gorgeous skin is as simple as figuring out the right skin care regimen. But what happens when you have all the right tools, and don’t know how to use them properly? For instance: what if you were recommended the best Dermalogica products for your skin type, but nobody told you in which order they should be applied? Long story short: you don’t get the optimal results. Today I want to talk about the best way to layer your favorite skin care … [Read more...]

Clarify Your Skin This Spring

    No one likes having a complexion that is broken out and not very smooth. Dealing with pimples and other skin impurities is frustrating when all you want to do is get ready for the spring time and head to the beach! The good news is that there are fantastic ways to get rid of acne for good. From natural remedies to blue light treatments, the key is to find techniques that work well for you and your skin. Don’t be discouraged that you have acne because no one’s skin is perfect. … [Read more...]