Things You’ll Need for a Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette parties commemorate the bride-to-be’s last few days of being single. It’s also the time to reminisce about the past and celebrate her future. By its nature, bachelorette parties are meant to be crazy and fun. In reality, though, planning a memorable bachelorette party can be challenging. Especially when there are multiple bridesmaids involved, it can become chaotic to communicate with each other and make final decisions.

The first step would be to sketch out a rough plan with the bride a few months before the scheduled party date. After all, the bachelorette party is hosted in honor of the bride. Amidst all the wedding madness, it always helps to draw up a checklist of things you need for the big party. Whether you’re a bride-to-be or her trusted bridesmaid, here are some essentials you will need when you host a bachelorette party.

Bridal Sash

No bachelorette party is complete without sashes. While it might look a little cheesy, sashes ensure that the bride-to-be will be showered with attention by everyone. After all, it’s basically a tradition for the bride to dress up in an extravagant manner! To make her feel more special, get her to wear a crown and a veil as a part of her outfit. You can take it a step further by getting custom sashes for everyone. Order a bridal themed sash for the bride-to-be and a different one for the bride’s entire tribe!

Party games

Is a party ever complete without some fun games? Games act as an icebreaker and help everyone get to know each other better. It’s especially useful if you’re inviting both older and newer friends. No matter what kind of party you’re planning, there are always plenty of games to play. The type of games you choose will heavily depend on the itinerary, venue, and theme of the party. Popular games like 21 questions, trivia runs, truth or dare, scavenger hunt, and bachelorette bingo are sure to keep everyone entertained.

Party snacks

Snacks are an essential aspect of any bachelorette party. After considering everyone’s dietary restrictions, do some research to buy appropriate snacks that everyone can enjoy. Of course, the bride’s favorite snacks must be included as well! If anyone in your guest list is health-conscious, keep some healthy snacks like salsa, pigs in a blanket, and frittatas on hand. If you want to surprise the bride, order some custom made cookies and cupcakes from your local baker.

Matching items for party peeps

Most bachelorette parties have the whole crew wearing matching outfits or gag items. Depending on where you’re hosting the bachelorette bash, you might need to take extra clothing that is suitable to the climate and party theme. You can also match accessories like sunglasses, hats, wine glasses, and pendants. Such coordinating pieces make for amazing pictures and can even double up as party favors.

Party favors

After spending an exciting weekend with your girlfriends, you will want to end the party by giving them a keepsake of the occasion. Ensure that the party favors you choose are related to your bachelorette party. Depending on your theme, you could offer edible goodies, a bottle of wine, personalized beauty products or quirky gag items. If you want your guests to use the favors regularly, items like mini flasks, monogrammed rings, and customized keychains would be ideal. Gift them their party favors by packaging it in a beautiful and custom-made bag.

Party supplies

Even if you don’t have a big budget, party supplies are essential to bring on the mood. However, before you start buying, decide on the party’s color scheme and theme. Along with creating a budget, draw up a list of decorations you want in the party. Get a huge sign or banner that is appropriate for the theme of your party. You could also buy balloons, flowers, garlands, party horns, temporary tattoos, and scented candles. If you want to add some personality to your decor, search through online marketplaces and thrift stores for good deals on unique pieces.

Dealing with alcohol consumption

At any party, there is always a very good chance of indulging in alcohol. A party can only be memorable if your best friends actually remember it! So, stay prepared by carrying water bottles, barf bags, and aspirin. Ensure that everyone paces their drinks and sips on water intermittently. As the host, it’s also your responsibility to arrange for safe transportation beforehand. You could also have someone you trust to stay sober and drive you all home.

Another way to help your friends out is by making hangover kits for everyone who will be attending. The ideal hangover kit would include a bottle of coconut water, tea sachets, aspirin, wet wipes, mints, eye masks, spa coupons, and a personal thank-you note. Use a personalized tote bag to pack these items. At the end of the bachelorette party, you can give your guests their hangover kits along with their party favors.

Don’t let your guests have their bubbly in an empty stomach – feed them before the actual party starts. Make a list of quality restaurants situated nearby that you can visit before heading to the venue of the party. Book your reservations beforehand to avoid any delays in the schedule. If you plan a bar crawl, prepare a list of fun cocktail lounges, bars, and clubs in the neighborhood before the party date.


The purpose of a bachelorette party is for a bride to enjoy the last few moments of singledom with her gal pals. The requirements of every bachelorette bash vary based on the budget and the bride’s vision. However, the core essentials always remain the same. That’s why it doesn’t matter if you’re throwing the bash at a holiday destination or at a countryside resort. This list gives you a quick rundown on everything you need to throw an amazing party for the bride. With the above items, you can host a bachelorette party that is poised to be both memorable and magical.

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