Top Things to Check Before You Buy a House

A house is a big investment. It’s probably the most expensive thing you’ll ever purchase. You definitely don’t want to make an impulse buy or rush into anything. When you’re in the market for a house, you need to think clearly. Use caution and approach each home with a critical eye. Otherwise, you might end up with a dud for a home. But what exactly should you watch out for? Here are some tips on what to check before buying a home.

  1. Pipes and Plumbing. A house with bad plumbing is a nightmare. Checking the plumbing is like checking under the hood before buying a car. If you don’t like what you see, then it’s possibly a deal breaker. Bad plumbing puts a home at risk for floods, leaky pipes, mold, and water damage. You could even have problems with clogged drains, stopped up toilets, or worse. You’re possibly facing a huge repair bill or even health issues later on.
  2. Indoor and Outdoor Paint. Check for cracked and peeling paint. You might discover that the entire house needs painting. Are you prepared to scrape the walls and start from scratch? Can you see where paint was used to hide damage on a wall? What about the ceilings, do they need painting? It’s not uncommon for new owners to paint a home. But if the paint is in terrible shape, you might not want the hassle. Or you could hire professional painters who are equipped to handle large jobs.
  3. Check for Roofing Issues. A damaged roof can lead to all kinds of problems. Make sure the roof doesn’t have any sunken places or is sagging. Look for holes, broken shingles, and other signs of damage. What you want is a sturdy roof that is secure and safe. If there are problems, consider the time and expense you’re facing for repairs. A sturdy roof is important, so this is a repair you wouldn’t want to ignore.
  4. Check for Sufficient Space. Some people buy a home and then realize it’s too small. Maybe the rooms are cramped or there just aren’t enough rooms. This usually happens because they didn’t picture the rooms with furniture. The rooms simply looked more spacious when they were empty. Consider how many belongings you’ll have in the home. Think about your family and if you’ll add to it. It’s better to have extra space than not enough space.
  5. Historic Information. It’s good to know all you can about the home. Who lived there before? Did a crime take place in the home? Check for things that look suspicious or pique your curiosity. If there is evidence of a crime, you can count on biohazard cleanup services to get the job done.

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