How To Train Your Puppy To Potty In No Time

Peeing and pooing are very important parts of any dog’s life.

Unlike human who do it purely out of necessity, peeing is also used as a way to mark the territory. It is important for establishing social hierarchy.

Unfortunately, this can pose an issue if the dog does it within home. Even if it wasn’t social, dog may do it as a way to fulfil its need as the instinct dictates. And trust me; a lot of things can happen with small puppies.

This is precisely why you need to teach your dog how to potty without ruining your home.

How To Train Your Puppy To Potty In No Time

Main things you have to know about potty training

First of all, potty training isn’t just taking your dog out to pee. It is a bonding process between owner and a puppy where owner needs to present himself as a leader.

Having a leader is very important for dogs as you are already perceived as something in between. Most puppies will even see you as a parental figure from get go but you also need to behave as one. In this case, you can be seen as a facilitator.

Patience is the second thing that will be necessary for you.

Accidents constantly happen with puppies. In the end, they are nothing more than dog’s children. At first time they won’t even understand what is required from them nor will they be able to tell what is on your mind.

So, they will simply do what nature tells them to do. In these situations you need to avoid any type of physical retaliation. You shouldn’t be angry on someone who doesn’t have the ability to understand.

Routine is the last thing I would love to mention in this part of the article.

Routine is necessary so that the dog (and you) can create habits. In most cases, this is more than enough in terms of a training. When dog does one and the same thing over and over, after some time it will start coming to you instead of you being forced to take it out.

Routine doesn’t only refer to walks but also what kind of food you’re giving to a dog as it can affect its dietary habits.


Some day-to-day tricks

The following 7 tips will help you potty train your puppy quickly and efficiently.

  • Each morning wake up before your puppy does. This is important as puppy will have the urge to pee when it gets up. Make sure you’re already on your feet, ready to take it out so it can potty outside. This will quickly become a habit.
  • Same goes for the evening. It is necessary for a puppy to potty in the evening even though it may not feel like it. So, give it some time until it decides to do so. This will prevent midnight accidents.
  • Pet your dog each time he does something right; positive stimulation is necessary.
  • Use one and the same commands for certain actions. If more family members are taking care of a puppy, make sure to use same commands and gestures together so that the puppy doesn’t get confused.
  • Meals should be at the same time of the day and in the same quantity. This is the only way to predict when the dog will have to poo.
  • Dogs usually need to poo 10 to 30 minutes after a meal. Make sure you’re ready for this and quickly take out the dog when the need arises.
  • If the dog needs to go out and it has some discipline, it will start scratching the door or going in circles. This way it wants to show you it needs to go out to relieve itself.

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